Changing to a New Host? No More Worries!

Written by Priyanka Agarwal

John's online business is expanding. His customers are increasing day by day. However, he feels very frustrated atrepparttar moment as he finds his website is 'down' about every 4th day. Whenever he calls uprepparttar 134333 support team of his web host, he getsrepparttar 134334 same old answer that his problem will be rectified soon. Ifrepparttar 134335 problems do persist it will surely hamper his business. He has been with his present hosting provider forrepparttar 134336 last year but now he feels he has to find a new web host as soon as possible because his present hosting package is also not able to meet up with his growing demands. This is not a one-off occurrence that has happened only to John, it happens with many people like him. Changingrepparttar 134337 web host might become a cumbersome task if John and other people like him don't knowrepparttar 134338 correct procedure of doing it. So, let's have a look atrepparttar 134339 following easy and simple steps:

First of all, it's very important to have a backup of your website and everything related to it, like databases, scripts etc. It will be very helpful in case there is data loss because of any unforseen reason. Save at least 2 copies of everything and store them separately, so that you can work with one andrepparttar 134340 other one will function as a backup. You can take backup in various ways. One is by using software programs like a FTP program (e.g. Smart FTP for downloading data. Now,repparttar 134341 time is to look for a new web host that meets all your requirements and provides better technical services than your previous host. Since you have already been throughrepparttar 134342 search procedure it won't take you much time to come across a reliable hosting company.

Once you have taken a new web-hosting plan and you are ready to upload your web pages, databases etc., check that you have received an IP number, FTP or FrontPage login, and password from your new hosting company. Now, upload all your files torepparttar 134343 new server; you are just repeatingrepparttar 134344 same procedure that you've done inrepparttar 134345 past when you uploaded your files forrepparttar 134346 very first time.

Only a few more steps more and you will be completely done. Before transferring your DNS servers over from your previous host to your new one, debug and testrepparttar 134347 new site from an individual IP number. Check that allrepparttar 134348 web pages exist,repparttar 134349 links point torepparttar 134350 right pages and that all your scripts are running. One important point which people always forget is their domain name expiration date. If you plan to move nearrepparttar 134351 expiration date, it could cause you lots of problems. To be onrepparttar 134352 safe side, make sure that you have at least 3-4 weeks in hand beforerepparttar 134353 domain name expires, or just renew it for another year.

Is Free Hosting Really Free?

Written by Tim Querrey

Find out why and how hosting services can give away space on thier servers.

Sooner or later, as everyone finds out, nothing in this world is free. Although there are literally hundreds of Free Hosting adds surfacing onrepparttar Internet, no one can stay in business very long giving it away. So how can hosting services offer free hosting?


One way is to make some of their money from registering your domain name. Domain registration is a necessary step for any future web site owner, (some low cost host play a numbers game between your monthly cost and your yearly domain registration fee, for example: $5/month and $30 registration fee, or $7/month and only $6 to register, or...... you getrepparttar 134332 picture).

Another way they make money is to add advertising onto your web page. They will get paid either each timerepparttar 134333 banner is shown, or each time someone clicks onrepparttar 134334 advertisement. Some will offer extra add ons like Spam or Virus Protection, Domain Theft Protection, or other services at an additional cost. Of course if you feel you have need for these services, then you should purchase them.

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