Changing Your Mind!

Written by Lisa van den Berg

I wonder what it is that sparksrepparttar first interest in wanting to improve your life?

All through your Life you plod along, going withrepparttar 123949 flow, and then one day it suddenly doesn't seem 'enough' any more.

The catalyst can be anything from a "Final Notice' bill to a near fatal car accident.

It is that sudden 'snapping' feeling, that seems to lift a veil from your eyes. You begin to seerepparttar 123950 potential around you.

You begin to wonder how come others can haverepparttar 123951 life they have and you keep on struggling along, barely makingrepparttar 123952 ends even see each other, never mindrepparttar 123953 meeting bit.

I heard somethingrepparttar 123954 other day that gave me a kick inrepparttar 123955 pants.

This person said that envy is a profound 'brick torepparttar 123956 head - sign'. A sign that you need to do something, NOW.

When you envy someone you need to stop and removerepparttar 123957 self-pity prop.

They have what they have, because they've worked hard enough to deserve what they have. You can have whatever it is you desire, if you are willing to dorepparttar 123958 work that is required.

Sorepparttar 123959 key is to take responsibility for your experience of Life.

Stop sitting there feeling sorry for yourself and get up and do what is required, otherwise you'll be wallowing until you do.

Taking responsibility for your experience of Life will empower you to truly liverepparttar 123960 life you are meant to.

No more 'pity talk'. Stop and analyze everything that happens to you, every moment ofrepparttar 123961 day.

If someone cut you up at a traffic light and it was your fault, acknowledgerepparttar 123962 error, apologize and carry on. If it wasn't your fault, take it as a lesson that you need to be extra vigilant at traffic lights in order to stay safe. As Napoleon Hill says, 'There isrepparttar 123963 seed of greater or equivalent benefit in every situation'.

Shift Happens

Written by Rob Wheeler

The troop transport ship moved throughrepparttar hot and humid South China seas leaving a phosphorescent wake to mark where it had been. The moon was full in a cloudless sky leaving it's reflection onrepparttar 123948 waters. The exercise in Thailand had gone well andrepparttar 123949 three days in Bangkok was a current memory. The young man standing atrepparttar 123950 rail onrepparttar 123951 fantail was at peace.

The ships sound system brokerepparttar 123952 silence with an announcement. "ALL COMPANY AND PLATOON COMMANDERS TO THE OFFICERS MESS" He heardrepparttar 123953 announcement, but it wasn't for him. A few minutes later once againrepparttar 123954 silence was broken. "ALL MARINES REPORT TO THE MAIN DECK" As he turned to make his way torepparttar 123955 main deck he noticed thatrepparttar 123956 ship was turning,repparttar 123957 wake now a large crescent onrepparttar 123958 water.

Withinrepparttar 123959 next few minutesrepparttar 123960 orders had been given. The ship had turned andrepparttar 123961 troops were en route to a beach landing in South Viet Nam. As he and his comrades headed below deck to their berths he maintained his composure. No one could seerepparttar 123962 thoughts of panic, fear and terror running through his mind. "LIGHTS OUT" He slept and in a dream he cried for help.

Ten thousand miles away and atrepparttar 123963 same instantrepparttar 123964 cry for help issued she awoke. The room was dark and stifling hot. Notrepparttar 123965 dry heat ofrepparttar 123966 desert were her 87 year old grandmother lived, but a humid heat ofrepparttar 123967 far east. As she thought his name she said "Robert, It's all right." The room instantly returned to its cool, normal self.

Inrepparttar 123968 hold ofrepparttar 123969 ship, in my dream she came and said, "Robert, It's all right." I slept in peace; a shift happened! Inrepparttar 123970 months that followed panic became resolution, fear became caution, and terror dissolved.

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