Changes in the Face of Fitness

Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

Yes, there have been changes inrepparttar face of fitness. Literally…repparttar 135884 changes, are on my face! This is, yet another true confession of a lifestyle fitness coach. During Augusts marginally sweltering heat, while most were off in vacation bliss and splendor,repparttar 135885 heat of drums were heard in NYC. All who were inrepparttar 135886 know awaitedrepparttar 135887 results of your trulys' LIPOSUCTION! What's that? Liposuction! you say! On a trainer, no less! Well, it wasn't your usual Nichole Smith kind of slimming program. No, it was a liposuction ofrepparttar 135888 eyes. Medically termed 'blepharoplasty.' It's a procedure whererepparttar 135889 physician removes a small part ofrepparttar 135890 fat pad ofrepparttar 135891 lower &/or upper lid, allowing for more space sorepparttar 135892 puffiness (water retention) aroundrepparttar 135893 eyes disappears. My swelling was worst in winter and 'they' say it's probably caused by allergies, heredity, that old culprit gravity and lets not forget age. (Exercise cures everything but eye bubbles!) If your next question is "But why did you do it, Deb?" I thank you for your kindness. But my eyes wererepparttar 135894 only way I gave away my age. And I felt I needed my eyes to matchrepparttar 135895 rest of me. If eyes berepparttar 135896 window to your soul …I'll berepparttar 135897 first to admit that I'm an old soul. But why wear your soul on your sleeve, er face? Oh oh, there's something else that I have to confess. You know that frown line that kept you doing everything I would tell you, and adding a few more reps than you really wanted to …just because I looked so serious? Well, it's gone! Permanently (hopefully). Don't even think that this will make me easier on any of you. I haven't lost an ounce of seriousness onlyrepparttar 135898 frown and eye bubbles! So, instead of having continuous ongoing treatments ofrepparttar 135899 deadly botox toxin (it's devirulized), I chose to have those muscles clipped. Based onrepparttar 135900 strength of those muscles I hope it doesn't slow down my metabolism too much.


Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

It’srepparttar travel time, meaning hours spent sedentary. It prepares me forrepparttar 135841 visiting, when I know there’ll be no activity. I try to see it as winding down to catch up with where our lives have gone inrepparttar 135842 past 6 months. A semiannual sharing and reflection with family. An enchanted time when reality is lived through a rose tinted holidaze. Rules of day to day no longer apply as you surrender torepparttar 135843 hearts and minds of those closest. Conversation, food and wine are intoxicating. You can’t leaverepparttar 135844 tablerepparttar 135845 conversation is too good. The holiday food keeps coming. I fall back intorepparttar 135846 silken warmth of family stories and recollections of past years. I generally eat until I am sated but now… its quest for space, I must keep up, I can’t be that… “I don’t eat that wimp”. I can’t spoil this mood and bring everyone down to reality! Somehow I manage to find space for that piece of dark nutty chocolate beckoning me to come home to my pallette, where it would receive allrepparttar 135847 comfort love and warmth I need to express in this state of holiday bliss. I have now surrendered….. The conversation wonders back to a particular chocolate that sister in law is passionate about and as she unfolds its mysteries you must taste and discover. This is no time for excuses.

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