Change for Better...

Written by Terry Dashner

A Change forrepparttar Better…

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It is said that insanity is doingrepparttar 135585 same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different outcome. You and I know that reality says otherwise. If you expect a different result, you must change your current actions. Change is necessary. It is human; however, it’s not always easy.

Here arerepparttar 135586 basics: in order to change one’s behavior, one must change one’s thinking. And to change one’s thinking, one must change one’s input. You know—garbage in, garbage out. Or in this case, a man’s reality is measured in terms of what he perceives. In other words, think on good things and your behavior will follow. This is certainly a principle in Scripture.

Think on these things…

Inrepparttar 135587 fifth chapter of John, Jesus speaks to an invalid of 38 years and says, “Do you want to get well?” The invalid answersrepparttar 135588 question curiously. He says that he has no one to help him intorepparttar 135589 healing waters. Evidently he wanted healing, but his perception of how to get healed lacked a certain reality. Seems he was repeatingrepparttar 135590 same actions over and over again, each time hoping something different would happen. Did it? No.

Change of outcome came when he responded to three things. These three things can change anyone.

For one, he heardrepparttar 135591 command of Jesus to walk. He acted onrepparttar 135592 authority of His command and walked. This is important for change. One must hearrepparttar 135593 Word of God and act on it to change forrepparttar 135594 better. Hearing and merely hoping forrepparttar 135595 better won’t do it. One must hear God speak and then immediately respond to it. This is referred to in Bible teaching as “hearing and receivingrepparttar 135596 word.”

Through Stress Comes Kindness

Written by Laura Johnson

Through Stress Comes Kindness By Laura Johnson In these times when companies are constantly down-sizing and right-sizing there is always a lot of stress. The stress comes first fromrepparttar rumors that it may happen, thenrepparttar 135554 actual doomsday when it happens, and thenrepparttar 135555 aftermath of finding out howrepparttar 135556 company is going to operate. But there is one other thing that happens through all of this too… Kindness! People start reaching out to people like never before. Feelings are displayed, discussed, and disseminated. There is concern and interest not only inrepparttar 135557 situation but in people’s lives in general. Suddenly you find out there are others that have been through this. You hearrepparttar 135558 stories of how they not only survived but came through it with greater gains of friends, opportunities and sometimes even greater salaries. Friends grow and new ones blossom as people reach out to know they are part of something that they may not have control over but that they all have in common. Where business wasrepparttar 135559 call ofrepparttar 135560 day, it still is butrepparttar 135561 human factor comes out more too. It becomes a time when it okay to express yourself and let others know you. It becomes a time when you can joke about things that you never would have before just to relieverepparttar 135562 tension and everyone understands.

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