Change Your Word Docs In Record Time!

Written by Cavyl Stewart

Anyone who has ever used Microsoft Word knows that it is a powerful word processing package. Itís loaded with dozens of features designed to make creating documents a breeze. And anyone who has used Wordís Find and Replace feature knows that this is one handy feature. It makes changing words or phrases throughout your documents fast and painless.

And thatís great when youíre working on just one document. But suppose you need to find and then replace a word or phrase throughout all of your Microsoft documents or throughout all documents located within a particular directory? You know, like when thereís been a change to your business address or telephone number? Or when thereís been a change of ownership, or upper management, or torepparttar board of directors?

You could userepparttar 140587 Find and Replace feature to change your documents one by one. Using this feature will make changes faster than not using it. But if youíre changing lots of documents and you need to makerepparttar 140588 changes rapidly, you need something more.

And thatís exactlyrepparttar 140589 reason why WordPipe was invented. WordPipe is a stand-alone add-in tool for Microsoft Word. Use this incredible add-in to instantly modify ALL text, links or images located on your web site or on your file server. How instantly can changes be made? Users report that 500 changes can be made in about twenty minutes!

Once you use this add-in youíll find yourself making changes just so you can come up with more reasons to run WordPipe across your server. Well, maybe not. But you getrepparttar 140590 idea. Todayís business world is in a constant state of change. And to keep up with these changes, and to keep your business onrepparttar 140591 cutting edge of technology, your business will experience change.

Document links change when you consolidate your servers and even when you are simply replacing or renaming documents. Web addresses change, names of key players within your company change, product versions and other information changes Ė thereís just no end torepparttar 140592 amount and type of information that changes when you run a business.

Databases Ė How We Love to Hate Them!

Written by Cavyl Stewart

Youíve finally created databases that you can actually use to store and manipulate all your critical data. Thatís great news and quite an accomplishment. But in your rush to get your employees to start entering information into these databases, you skippedrepparttar training process and let them go at it alone.

That was not such a good decision, but one you did not care about until you decided to tackle your first mail merge. Instead of getting what you expected to get, you got all variations of address and telephone number formats, an incredible and astounding assortment of confusingly mixed usage of upper and lower case characters and fields with unusual amounts of white space that youíve finally figured out is due to excessive use of repparttar 140586 space bar. The data looks cluttered, inconsistent, and worst of all, unprofessional.

You donít have time to go back into every record and manually fix these annoying inconsistencies, nor do you want to pay your staff to do this when they have so many other things to do. But youíve got to get your promotion going so money can start arriving in your business checking account. Now what do you do?

There is a way you can go in and clean up these types of data messes and it wonít involve firingrepparttar 140587 employees who causedrepparttar 140588 problems inrepparttar 140589 first place! Nor will you have to become proficient at database programming. As with any good business problem, thereís a software solution available that you can use instead.

Itís called DataPipe and it will clean up these and other types of database errors faster and less expensively than you can do it manually or by using other software tools. It does not matter which standard ODBC or OLE DB you are using. Just use its drivers to connect to DataPipe. From there, itís a matter of selecting repparttar 140590 database and query or table you need to work on. Then sit back and watch as it works its magic in record time.

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