Change Your Association

Written by Daniel N. Brown

Do you know any people who seem to attract bad luck?

I had a friend years ago that just could not seem to get it together. He was in and out of jobs, had poor relationships, had no money, and had a bad attitude.

I used to think he hadrepparttar bad attitude because he hadrepparttar 141611 problems. Now I know he hadrepparttar 141612 problems because he hadrepparttar 141613 bad attitude. I know, becuse I was right down inrepparttar 141614 pit with him.

Years later, I saw a quote that hit me like a ton of bricks. It was this: "There's no way you will ever fly like an eagle if you're pecking around inrepparttar 141615 dirt with chickens." I quickly caught on to this "thinking" stuff and learned to get around more positive thinking people.

The key to changing your life forrepparttar 141616 better is to change your belief system. The key to changing belief system is changing your thoughts. I know this is easier said than done becauserepparttar 141617 manner of thinking you are engaged in has been your way of thinking most of your life. It's a habit. But, like any habit, you can change it.

The best way to change your thoughts is by changing your association. If you're hanging around with negative, broke, and fearful people you will develop a tendancy to thinkrepparttar 141618 same way.

I eventually developed a friendship with a guy that everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. Because he always pictured himself as a great success he became a powerful magnet that attracted positive outcomes. The effort he put forth to achieve his goals came naturally. The work did not seem like work because he enjoyed what he did. The guy just amazed me and I wanted to be like him.

Do You Have a Vision?

Written by by Daniel N. Brown

You must absolutely have a vision, or a dream, for your life.Your dream is what will cause you to jump out of bed inrepparttar morning instead of waking up with anxiety or dread forrepparttar 141610 day ahead.

Personally, when I first wake up, I immediately begin to focus on my dream. If I don't, I find it very easy to become discouraged and start complaining about things. This is definately no way to start your day!

You will never be at your best if you don't have a dream because you were born to dream. Proverbs 29:18 says that "Without a visionrepparttar 141611 people perish."

So many people without a dream will get out of bed tomorrow and dorepparttar 141612 same thing they did yesterday. Doingrepparttar 141613 same work, seeingrepparttar 141614 same people, and complaining aboutrepparttar 141615 same things. And thenrepparttar 141616 next day,repparttar 141617 cycle repeats itself. Day after day, week after week, year after year, and all of a sudden life is over.

I believe that inside of each person there is a God-given dream and that dream is meant to come true! God is a dreamer and He has created us in His image and withrepparttar 141618 ability to dream. God is also a creator and He has given usrepparttar 141619 ability to create (not onrepparttar 141620 same level of course, because He alone is God).

In order to live an abundant and prosperous life we are to use our ability to dream as a focal point, as we take action by implimentingrepparttar 141621 ideas God has given us.

I believe God gives everyone ideas, but why are some people not pursuing thier dreams? My theory is they may have had thier hopes and dreams crushed too many times so that now they are fearful of dreaming any more. They have just adopted this attitude that this is as good as it's ever gonna get, so let's just accept it.

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