Chandler Hill Partners - Find Your Future

Written by Chandler Hill Partners

The Find Your Future project is a division of our company equal to all others. When 24 percent of 18-24 year olds inrepparttar US alone have not completed a high school educational program, and they representrepparttar 109325 largest proportion ofrepparttar 109326 unemployed, Chandler Hill Partners is committed to doing something about it.

Despiterepparttar 109327 increased importance of a high school education for entry to postsecondary education andrepparttar 109328 labor market,repparttar 109329 high school completion rate has shown little to no gains overrepparttar 109330 last four decades. Data fromrepparttar 109331 Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that those who learn more earn more.

Those who have less than a high school education representrepparttar 109332 largest proportion ofrepparttar 109333 unemployed and on average will earn less than $20 thousand per year. The Find Your Future program has a two-part goal; to help reducerepparttar 109334 drop out rate and to target those who have already dropped out.

Our expert staff of career professionals volunteers our time in a two-part strategy. We deliver a two-hour presentation called, "Don't Skip, Don't Slip-Find Your Future," to high school sophomores. Ten percent of students will drop out before they complete their sophomore year.

Financial Aid for College Students - Grants

Written by Max Stein

The bad news about attending college is that it costs more than ever to attend. The College Board estimatesrepparttar average four-year public college costs almost $5,000 per year to attend and a two-year public college is almost $2000. And thatís not countingrepparttar 109324 skyrocketing cost of textbooks or other class fees. The good news is there is more than $105 billion dollars available in student financial aid. Some of this money is available for freeÖinrepparttar 109325 form of college grants.

While there are many options to consider financing your college education, this article will discuss specifically grants for college.

The most common form of Federal grant money isrepparttar 109326 Pell Grant. The amount awarded is based on your financial need and it is for undergraduate study only. Pell Grants can be awarded to part-time students. The maximum amount of a Pell Grant is $3000 per year and it can be combined with other grants or financial aid.

Another common federal grant isrepparttar 109327 Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or SEOG. Likerepparttar 109328 Pell Grant,repparttar 109329 SEOG is awarded based on financial need and is for undergraduate study. This grant can be combined with other school grants or financial aid, butrepparttar 109330 cap is $1000 per year.

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