Challenge Response Spam Filters Explained

Written by Niall Roche

Asrepparttar flood of spam increases end users are looking for new and more efficient solutions to block spam. In turn software developers are knocking themselves out trying to come up withrepparttar 141455 killer app that will stop spam forever.

For several years now companies have been focusing on faster and smarter software to be installed on your PC or on your servers that will detect spam through increasingly more complex algorithms. The ingenuity behind these products can't be argued with. The problem was that asrepparttar 141456 spam filters became better so didrepparttar 141457 quality ofrepparttar 141458 bulk email software used byrepparttar 141459 spammers. The battle to fight spam was spiralling out of control.

There's an old scientific principle called Occams Razor. It simply means that all things being equalrepparttar 141460 most simple solution is oftenrepparttar 141461 best one.

Somebody somewhere realized that there was a simple solution torepparttar 141462 vast majority of spam. Spammers email millions of people each day. This is an automated process that they can't possibly monitor manually. Enter challenge response spam email filtering.

When using a challenge response system each email address must be authorized to deliver email to you. You can either authorize these email addresses manually by adding them to your challenge response whitelist orrepparttar 141463 challenge response email server can take care of that for you.

What Is Spam?

Written by Lewis Leake

If you've been aroundrepparttar interenet any length of time then you probably know what spam is. However, if you're new torepparttar 141350 internet you might be asking yourselfrepparttar 141351 question "What is Spam?"

The best place to begin would be to explain to you exactly what spam mail is. Spam is basically just unsolicited commercial emails that companies send to your inbox.

There are a lot of ways these companies get your email address. You may have signed up for a newsletter or promotions with one of them, or you may have ordered a product or service that requires registration from a website first.

It is common for companies to share their mailing lists with their affiliate companies. It’s one ofrepparttar 141352 benefits to having affiliations. The only problem is that most companies hide this knowledge in their “terms and agreements” of their websites. They count onrepparttar 141353 fact that most people do not read allrepparttar 141354 way through them. Of course since it is mentioned somewhere in their website, it is perfectly legal.

The average person can expect to receive anywhere from ten to twenty spam’s a day in their inbox; depending on how many promos and registrations they fill out. Once a person accepts or opens an unsolicited email, they become plagued by receiving six more in its place. It is a vicious cycle.

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