Chakras 101

Written by Sam Stevens

The chakras are different coloured energy centres that originate from seven different points in our body. Chakra is a Sanskrit (East Indian) word that means "Wheel". For millenniarepparttar chakras have been visualized as round balls, blossoms or spheres of light that can open, close, darken, brighten and spin! The location of each ofrepparttar 122091 seven chakras represents a different aspect of human experience. Our emotions, ability to connect with others and physical health are thought to be reflected inrepparttar 122092 condition of each chakra. Seeing your own chakras requires mental focus and powers of meditation. Remember these are imaginary entities that were invented by great mystics thousands of years before medical technology. The manipulation of these spheres or wheels of light, particularlyrepparttar 122093 brightening and opening of them is thought, by many, to relieve a variety of ailments. There are seven main chakra centres inrepparttar 122094 human body andrepparttar 122095 correspond withrepparttar 122096 seven colours ofrepparttar 122097 rainbow or light spectrum: The Red Chakra, also often referred to asrepparttar 122098 Root, First or Base chakra is atrepparttar 122099 base ofrepparttar 122100 trunk ofrepparttar 122101 body and is thought to correspond torepparttar 122102 sex drive and to primal drives such asrepparttar 122103 desire to procreate, survive and destroy. This isrepparttar 122104 chakra to work on if you are having troubles with your health. The Orange Chakra, sometimes calledrepparttar 122105 Second, Sexual or Spleen chakra is inrepparttar 122106 abdomen and relates torepparttar 122107 lower digestive organs. It corresponds to our ability to physically digest and eliminate food, emotionally digest events and process them in a healthy way and emotions such as joy or affection. This isrepparttar 122108 chakra to work on if you are having trouble letting go. The Yellow Chakra, sometimes calledrepparttar 122109 Third, Stomach or Solar plexus chakra is located inrepparttar 122110 upper stomach area just belowrepparttar 122111 rib cage. It isrepparttar 122112 centre where we connect to others on an astral level and it relates to our abilities to transform or manifest events. The Green Chakra is located inrepparttar 122113 chest and is related torepparttar 122114 lungs and heart. It is sometimes calledrepparttar 122115 Fourth or Heart chakra. It representsrepparttar 122116 flow of energy and flow of love in our lives as well as our ability to connect to others.

Basic Palmistry I

Written by Sam Stevens

Palmistry is an ancient art and one that has many systems of interpretation. It is also an intuitive art that is easily learned just by learning a few basics aboutrepparttar symbolism that is represented byrepparttar 122090 lines that run acrossrepparttar 122091 palm,repparttar 122092 mounts (or fleshy parts) ofrepparttar 122093 palm andrepparttar 122094 structure of fingers. In some systems,repparttar 122095 right hand represents who you are today andrepparttar 122096 left hand, everything that you were born with when you came into this world. For "palmistry onrepparttar 122097 run" though it is best to readrepparttar 122098 hand thatrepparttar 122099 person writes with, as that would be considered to be dominant hand. In palmistry,repparttar 122100 hand as a whole is divided into three different sections. The Fingers representrepparttar 122101 mind andrepparttar 122102 higher self. The middle ofrepparttar 122103 palm represents day-to-day life andrepparttar 122104 conscious mind. The lower half ofrepparttar 122105 hand represents primal instincts, health and basic drives ofrepparttar 122106 subconscious. Palmistry is all about proportion, symmetry and distortions of what would be considered to be a perfectly formed hand. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their thumb and fingers. The thumb has three phalanges. Its tip represents will power. A club shaped thumb indicates criminal tendency. Pointed or long tips indicate creativity and intelligence. The middle phalange represents logic. The longerrepparttar 122107 phalange,repparttar 122108 more efficient and strategicrepparttar 122109 person. The fleshy part atrepparttar 122110 base ofrepparttar 122111 thumb is calledrepparttar 122112 Mount of Venus, which represents empathy, emotion, grace and compassion. The fatter and fleshier this part ofrepparttar 122113 hand is,repparttar 122114 more sensitive and compassionaterepparttar 122115 individual. The index finger correlates torepparttar 122116 planet Jupiter and indicates good fortune and career. The middle finger is related to Saturn and limitations and restrictions in life. The ring finger is calledrepparttar 122117 Apollo. It relates to self-expression and intelligence. The pinky finger belongs torepparttar 122118 planet Mercury, which is about your ability to communicate with others and sustain relationships. The longer and straighterrepparttar 122119 finger,repparttar 122120 more good fortune a person can expect to have in these areas. All these fingers have their own mounts, which are located onrepparttar 122121 palm right below each one. The more developed or pronounced these fleshy mounds are beneathrepparttar 122122 finger,repparttar 122123 more developed that trait is in a person. The Mount of Jupiter belowrepparttar 122124 index fingers represents ambition, leadership, religion, honor and love of nature. The Mount of Saturn belowrepparttar 122125 middle finger represents sanity, sobriety, wisdom, introversion and karmic events such as good or bad luck. The Mount of Apollo belowrepparttar 122126 ring represents confidence, creativity, impulsiveness and extroversion. The Mount of Mercury below your little finger has to do with ability to sell yourself, communication, quickness, connection as well as writing and mathematical abilities. Sometimesrepparttar 122127 Mount of Mercury will be feathered with short vertical lines that are called Lines of Affection. These sometimes indicaterepparttar 122128 number of deep emotional connections or significant relationships in a person's life. Right belowrepparttar 122129 Mount of Mercury (belowrepparttar 122130 little finger there are two more mounts. About half way down isrepparttar 122131 Mount of Upper Mars, which reflects your temperament: if this mound is fleshy thenrepparttar 122132 person tends to be more courageous or war-like. Below that, nearrepparttar 122133 base ofrepparttar 122134 hand isrepparttar 122135 Mount of Luna (also known asrepparttar 122136 Mount ofrepparttar 122137 Moon). This mound reflects such qualities as generosity, warmth and imagination. If it is over pronounced it can indicate a tendency to madness.

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