Chakras, Elements, and Emotions

Written by Farida Sharan

An experiential study ofrepparttar chakras, elements and emotions offers great gifts to support our human experience and our spiritual journey. The inter-relationship andrepparttar 150957 movement of change and evolution ofrepparttar 150958 dominant or deficient energies and their movement toward balance within us support a conscious, healthful and joyous life.

CHAKRAS Yogic systems teach us aboutrepparttar 150959 energies ofrepparttar 150960 spinning spiralling vortexes of charkas and how they affectrepparttar 150961 physical nerve plexus and our human evolutionary experience. They are drawn as wheels with petals but are multi-dimensional in their range of movement and influence. Four chakras flow uprepparttar 150962 stem ofrepparttar 150963 spine torepparttar 150964 throat and then rise torepparttar 150965 brow where spiritual practitioners focusrepparttar 150966 third eye of attention, meditation and prayer that opensrepparttar 150967 crown chakra into soul connection.


Chakra Emotions Sacrum Root Chakra fear, clinging, resistance OR security, instinct Pelvic Water Chakra attachment, desire, lust OR curiosity, caring, service Solar Plexus Fire Chakra anger, resentment, jealousy OR humour, laughter, joy Heart Air Chakra greed, rush, selfishness OR love, compassion, kindness Throat Ether Chakra grief, hunger, ego OR longing to merge withrepparttar 150968 divine

At times in life we are drawn strongly and passionately into a particular chakra to learn life lessons. If there is a dominant chakra that influences our life experience we can choose to diffuserepparttar 150969 dominant one and developrepparttar 150970 ones that are deficient. A water dominant person could have difficulty becoming angry; a fire dominant person with caring feeling; an earth dominant person with taking risks and letting go; an air dominant person with consideringrepparttar 150971 effects of their actions on others and an ether dominant person with sadness.

Althoughrepparttar 150972 pull ofrepparttar 150973 chakra vortexes is powerful, it is possible to learn to dance withrepparttar 150974 energies instead of indulging in them so that we can move through excesses and deficiencies and restore balance. Once we become aware ofrepparttar 150975 energies, how they feel and how they change, our awareness guides us to appropriate action.

We learn to restore emotional balance by centering our consciousness beyondrepparttar 150976 emotional field of dramatic emotions (e-motions!) and become more sensitive to subtle feelings and internal messages that help to guide us in our lives. If we choose harmony and peace as our goal it becomes easier to let go of excessive emotions if we have skills to releaserepparttar 150977 emotions associated with each chakra.

For example - If we become angry we can releaserepparttar 150978 emotion with a powerful movement as if we were chopping wood accompanied by a release ofrepparttar 150979 HA sound. Oncerepparttar 150980 excess is released we can deal withrepparttar 150981 situation appropriately.

Healthy body organs in each chakra plexus support balanced emotions. Ifrepparttar 150982 bowels are functioning well there is less tendency to fear. A healthy liver reduces imbalances of anger, aggression and competition. Conversely, conditions like TB are often associated with excessive grief and heart conditions with lack of ability to give and receive love.

Clearingrepparttar 150983 emotional energies ofrepparttar 150984 chakras can be achieved through movement, sounding, treatments, yoga, colour healing, rebirthing, emotional release and meditation. Also whenever natural therapeutics are used to cleanserepparttar 150985 body systems together with rejuvenation through rest, nourishing healing diets, bodywork and naturopathy treatments, transformation and evolution takes place naturally.

(BOX) Chakras Root Chakra - sacrum, coccyx, bones, adrenals, perineum, large intestine, anus, body tissues, muscles and skin. Water Chakra body fluids, reproductive and urinary organs or glands. Fire Chakra - digestive organs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, duodenum and small intestine. Air Chakra - heart, thymus, arms and hands Ether Chakra - throat, ears, lungs, thyroid and parathyroid Brow Chakra - pituitary gland Crown Chakra - pineal gland

ELEMENTS The elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether weave our physical, emotional, social and mental world, as well asrepparttar 150986 world of world of nature that sustains us. We inherit an elemental constitution, which usually has a dominant element or elements that strongly influence our behaviour, health and approach to life. How we live creates an excess or shortage of an element. The elements within us also influence each other in a dynamic interchange and flow.

We may experience a state of harmony from time to time whenrepparttar 150987 elements are in balance. Alternatively, we may experience a deficient element or elements that will affect our lives. Usuallyrepparttar 150988 elements move in tandem withrepparttar 150989 constant changes in life. Imbalances ofrepparttar 150990 elements can be adjusted through naturopathic therapeutics and conscious choices that enhances wellness. Eventually with practice, effort and surrender we move less fromrepparttar 150991 centre of being towards imbalance. Fromrepparttar 150992 centre of our being we are then able to inhabit balance, harmony and peace for longer periods of time.

Natures Way To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Written by June Parker


Medical authorities say that pineapples and papayas can relieve arthritis pain.

Research shows that pineapples and papayas have potent anti-inflammatory properties from high levels of bromelain and papain, which are natural enzymes. These enzymes reducerepparttar inflammation in two ways.

First,repparttar 150956 enzymes neutalize hormones inrepparttar 150957 body called prostaglandins. These are chemicals that spark pain inrepparttar 150958 body's nerve cells.

Second, they reduce painful pressure from fluid buildup inrepparttar 150959 joints. This is achieved byrepparttar 150960 enzyme dissolving joint debris, like tiny bone chips, calcium deposits, dead tissue and blood cells that can clog joints, leaving them stiff and swollen. University teams have found that eatingrepparttar 150961 fruits can diminish inflammation by 25%.

Bromelain and papain can turn a leathery-tough steak buttery soft, so you can imagine what they will do for stiffened joints. It will loosen them and restore movement. One ofrepparttar 150962 most important functions of bromelain is to neutralize free radicals,repparttar 150963 destructive compounds produced whenrepparttar 150964 body uses oxygen.

Pineapple is also rich in vitamens B1 and B6, which also helps to ease arthritic pain, while papaya is one ofrepparttar 150965 highest sources of vitamin C. Both of these fruits are low in calories - 40 to 80 calories per cup - and promote good digestion andrepparttar 150966 elimination of toxins and waste inrepparttar 150967 body.

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