Cetyl Myristoleate separating fact from fiction

Written by Rusty Ford

I am a strong believer in Cetyl Myristoleate forrepparttar treatment of arthritis. Forrepparttar 149001 last three years I have been researching and writing about Cetyl Myristoleate. I am constantly searching for new research and contact and interview every doctor I can find that works with it. The purpose ofrepparttar 149002 article is to evaluaterepparttar 149003 claims made about Cetyl Myristoleate onrepparttar 149004 myriad of web sites that sell it. It you want more information onrepparttar 149005 research that documentsrepparttar 149006 effectiveness of Cetyl Myristoleate then do a search for my article, “Cetyl Myristoleate: Science or Speculation”.

Cetyl Myristoleate is an Immune Modulator. This is a tough question. We do not have any medical research yet that documents that it is an immune modulator. Many doctors believe that it is based on observations of their patients. Some people respond so well it appears thatrepparttar 149007 benefits go beyond joint lubrication and a decreases in inflammation. Base on these results some doctors theorize that it is helping to correct some peoples immune systems. While this sounds wonderful it is a bold statement to make. I am not ready to call it an immune modulator.

Cetyl Myristoleate is a cure for arthritis. This is not only a bogus claim it is a lie. Not only is it a lie it is illegal to make that claim. If you are at a web site that makes this claim, leave, this person is notrepparttar 149008 kind of person you want to do business with. They need to be reported torepparttar 149009 Federal Trade Commission.

All you need is one 15 or 20 day protocol. There are several companies that make this type of claim. You will notice thatrepparttar 149010 companies that make this claim are amongrepparttar 149011 most expensive. I believe that they use this to justify their high prices. Who would pay this price on a regular bases. Whilerepparttar 149012 double blind studies show that many people start finding relief in this amount of time, they were all short term studies and did not evaluate how longrepparttar 149013 results lasted. Every doctor I have talked to has disagreed with this statement. The people who find relief from Cetyl Myristoleate usually start seeing good results byrepparttar 149014 two week mark. But they continue to improve forrepparttar 149015 next two to four weeks. Almost everyone who discontinues use finds that with in a couple of weeks their symptoms begin to return. But they also find that once they max out their benefit they need much less to maintain that level of relief.

Control diabetes

Written by Ashvini Gautam

Salacia oblonga: Proven anti diabetic and anti obesity Ayurvedic herb

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Salacia oblonga (Celastaceae), "Ponkoranti", is a woody plant found inrepparttar forests of Sri Lanka and India. The roots and stems of Salacia Oblonga have been used extensively in Aryuveda and traditional Indian medicine forrepparttar 149000 treatment of Diabetes.

Recently, it has been found that a-Glucosidase inhibitors are potent therapeutic agents in carbohydrate-metabolic disorders such as Diabetes Mellitus.

Salacia Oblonga contains two potent a-Glucosidase inhibitors: Salicinol and Kotalanol 9. Methanol extracts fromrepparttar 149001 roots of Salacia Oblonga exhibit an inhibitory effect onrepparttar 149002 increase of serum glucose levels in sucrose- and maltose-loaded rats. Salacia Oblonga has also been found to show inhibitory activity on Aldose Reductase which is related to such chronic diabetic complications as peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy, and cataracts.

Superior in terms of safety compared to chemically synthesized products, Salacia Oblonga is an effective anti-diabetic and dieting agent. Salacia Oblonga is more than 200 times stronger than Acarbose, an a-Glucosidase inhibitor manufactured by Bayer Corp.

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