Cellular Spam?? You bet!

Written by Arnie Jacobsen

Cellular spam is no joke!

"Man, I'm so sick of getting spam messages on my email." "No sooner do I set up a new account, butrepparttar spammers find me again!" "It's enough to make me give up using email!"

Does this sound like a familiar refrain? Could it be you, or a family member, or friend? Think we're talking about your email account at home? Well, think again

Rememberrepparttar 132703 days when you only had to worry about getting calls at dinner or bed time from telemarketer? Childs play! Spamming of your email account? Mere pranks.

Now, meetrepparttar 132704 text messaging spam on your cell phone. Yep, you heard it here. The same people who brought usrepparttar 132705 joy of spam, now bring us "Son of Spam"! This is unsolicited text messaging to your cell phone.

You might say, "What'srepparttar 132706 big deal?" I'm glad you asked, but I'm sure it would have come to you. When spammers hit your online mailbox with spam, it uses up your time. That'srepparttar 132707 only currency wasted. But, with cell phone text-messaging spammers they're spending your money to send you their messages! That's right your paying for their advertising!

Spam Control - The Internet Without It?

Written by Niall Roche

Every single day 30,000,000 emails are sent aroundrepparttar world. 50% of those emails are spam. Blue chip companies and even Governments are taking drastic measures in spam control. The most recent evidence of this isrepparttar 132701 Canspam Act which was passed byrepparttar 132702 US Senate early in 2004.

If you look at what most people usedrepparttar 132703 Internet for you'll findrepparttar 132704 vast majority of online activity is sending and receiving email. Email has becomerepparttar 132705 lifeblood of modern society. An interesting social experiment would be to see what happens to a group of young professional people who suddenly have all means of electronic communication taken away from them. Email has become as much a part of our lives asrepparttar 132706 electric lightbulb, air transport and mobile phones.

What happens if we don't implement spam control globally? What would happen if allrepparttar 132707 mail server spam filters and regulations controlling spam were suddenly abolishesd? Chaos online! The online world would grind to a screeching halt as email servers become overloaded withrepparttar 132708 flood of spam. Global bandwidth would be consumed by as each spammer sends out hundreds of millions of junk emails per day.

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