Cell Phones Safety - Are They a Risk ?

Written by Martin Smith

Cell phones are everywhere and I believe they are here to stay. Withrepparttar advent of cellular phones for public use came a whole host of issues that I don't think anyone expected, at least not inrepparttar 148357 magnitude we are seeing today. There are two kinds of cell phone safety and then there is cell phone etiquette. There is practical cell phone safety, which addressesrepparttar 148358 safest ways for you to use your cell, and etiquette plays a huge part in this. The other safety concern is that there are some health risks to those who use cellular phones. We will look at each issue in turn and hopefully give people something to ponder.

Cell phones and driving are a big controversy. As a matter of fact many states inrepparttar 148359 United States are contemplating enacting legislation that would banrepparttar 148360 use of cell phones in a car. While I think something has to be done about using cell phones while driving, I don't think it is a practical idea to ban their use altogether in vehicles. I don't know how it would be monitored except to develop technology that would block all numbers while driving except emergency numbers. Until such a thing occurs or people start refraining as much as possible from using a cell phone in their cars we must be extra careful onrepparttar 148361 road.

Driving safely while using a cell phone is a contradiction I think. There are however, some things you can do to improve your safety and that of others. The most important thing is to learn about your phone and all its features, (i.e. speed dial and redial). Memorizerepparttar 148362 keypad inrepparttar 148363 event you need to make a phone call while driving. Learn specifically aboutrepparttar 148364 speed dial feature. The numbers you should put on speed dial is your spouse, 911, your job, your child's school, andrepparttar 148365 number of a close relative that is not your spouse. As it is conversations onrepparttar 148366 cell phone while driving will take your attention offrepparttar 148367 road.

If you have to use your cell phone while driving a hands free kit is a good choice. Conversations however, still should be kept to a minimum and where possible you should not talk if you are moving or in a hazardous situation (i.e. icy roads or heavy traffic). A speaker phone kit is available as well as a safety choice. Here again be mindful of when and where you are talking onrepparttar 148368 cell phone. While you may be able to maintain your attention onrepparttar 148369 road while using a speakerphone take care to ensure thatrepparttar 148370 conversation is not intense and is as quick as possible.

Video Conferencing An Affordable Medium

Written by Jason Morris

Just like prices for computers and telephone systems have reduced, so too have prices for video conferencing systems. Video conferencing was once a hugely expensive technology, but is now available to almost any sized company, large or small. Video conferencing equipment is now so cheap, that is becoming standard equipment in many meeting rooms aroundrepparttar world. The conference room is where video conferencing technology really shines. Video conferencing allows users to connect audibly and visually in offices aroundrepparttar 147956 world as well as with people who may be located at remote sites.

Typicallyrepparttar 147957 ISDN line is used to call video phones that are outside your company andrepparttar 147958 IP connection for those that are inside a company network. Video conferencing systems hugely reducerepparttar 147959 need for travel. Because ofrepparttar 147960 savings involved throughrepparttar 147961 need for less travel,repparttar 147962 units pay for themselves many times over in a very short period of time.

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