Cell Phone Marketing: Podcasting, Ringtones, Wallpaper, and Games are Hot in 2005!

Written by Jack Humphrey

Copyright 2005 Jack Humphrey

by Jack Humphrey for http://Cell-Phone-Nation.com

Cell phone and PDA cell phone combo users are downloading, buying, and playing more and more add-ons than ever before. From cell phone wallpaper (backgrounds and images) to games and ringtones, it seems cell phone users just cannot get enough!

There are also even newer software and information packages that come as add-ons torepparttar PDA/cell phone market. You can download software that tells you how to mix any drink imaginable and even tells you which types of glasses to use for each drink.

You can purchase and download golf software applications of all kinds. And let's not forgetrepparttar 146474 multitude of Bible ebooks that are available almostrepparttar 146475 instant a new PDA model is available!

Ringtones are always a major pull online and tens of thousands of them are downloaded every day from places like Cell-Phone-Nation.com and hundreds of sites like it.

Many PDA phones are coming out with Adobe PDF readers that make reading an "ebook"repparttar 146476 same as reading online at home from your desktop computer.

Marketers are picking up on this booming market and scurrying to supply more choices in topics and information to this hungry, under served market.

Already there are some applications coming out to organize recipes, mixed drinks, gold scores, sports betting and virtually anything else you can imagine. But only ifrepparttar 146477 creators of these products make them available for specific platforms like Blackberry.

Podcasting is a major topic now among marketers. Withrepparttar 146478 ability to get online with your cell phone, you can easily surf to a site that makes audio and even video presentations, commercials, and seminars available for download instantly to your phone.

How to Receive Payments for Your Online Sales

Written by Nowshade Kabir

Once you decide which products you are planning to sell onrepparttar Internet, and what type of web store you are going to use in order to display your products, next vital decision that you have to take is to figure out how your customers are going to pay you. Whatever you plan to sell online, accepting credit card transaction is a must! A full 90 percent of all online sales occur through credit card payments.

There are two ways you can add e-commerce capabilities to your website:

1. Having your own merchant account 2. Using third party processors

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a special kind of bank account where funds received from credit card transactions are first routed torepparttar 146473 special account and held there before being remitted to your business account. You as an online merchant will need an account called “Card Not Present Merchant Account”. Havingrepparttar 146474 merchant account is, actually,repparttar 146475 first step in processing credit cards online. You will also need a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a service provided by billing processor which allows real time authorization of online transactions. The payment gateway you choose to work with has to be compatible with your shopping cart. Three top payment Gateway providers are AuthorizeNet (http://www.authorizenet.com/), Verisign (http://www.verisign.com/) and USAePay (http://www.usaepay.com/). All payment gateway providers have their own merchant solutions. Most banks, today, work with partner payment gateway providers and are fully capable of furnishing with a merchant solution.

If you are just starting an online business and you don’t think that your sales will generate more than a thousand dollars a month, you will be better of with a third party processor. However, once your sales become a few thousand you will save a bundle by switching to a merchant account.


With 72 million accounts worldwide and payment volume which is growing at a rate of 44 percent each year, PayPal by far isrepparttar 146476 most popular third party processor onrepparttar 146477 Internet.

PayPal is a simple and affordable payment solution for those online merchants who are unable to or don’t want to go through repparttar 146478 complex process of setting up a bank merchant account.

At present, PayPal has four unique solutions for merchants.

PayPal Website Payments Standard: This solution allows you to accept credit cards on your website. However,repparttar 146479 transaction is processed onrepparttar 146480 PayPal secure server. The customer can choose to pay either by credit card or PayPal. If you don’t have shopping cart as yet, you may get one from PayPal; or you can integrate PayPal solution to your existing shopping cart.

Cost: No monthly fee. No setup fees. No cancellation fees. Transaction Fees are 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 US$.

PayPal Website Payments Pro: This solution is virtually same as having your own merchant account. If a customer pays by a credit card, PayPal works as a payment gateway for you. The customer does not leave your website at anytime if she pays you by a credit card.

Cost: $20.00 US$ monthly fee. No setup fees. No cancellation fees. Transaction Fees are 2.2% to 2.9% + $0.30 US$.

PayPal Email Payments: This isrepparttar 146481 payment system PayPal started with. You send invoice to your customers by email and get paid on PayPal.

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