Cell Phone Etiquette

Written by Syd Johnson

Watch your volume and get reacquainted with your voice mail if you don’t want to be a cell phone pest.

Volume The number one complaint against rude cell phone users is that ‘they are so loud.’ There was a time when a phone conversation was a private thing, but cell phones have made our private conversations public. If you find yourself in any public arena, find a quiet or private corner to carry on your cell phone conversation. Also, turn down that ringer. Some people turn it up so loud that they can hearrepparttar phone ringing from another state. If you are so far out of range that you cannot hear your cell phone ring on medium, or lower, take it with you and you won’t miss your call.

Eye Contact Please The only thing that scares people more than too much attention is being ignored. If you are having dinner, a light lunch or even chatting with friends at home, resistrepparttar 150809 urge to answer every call. If it’s not an emergency call, you can return it atrepparttar 150810 end ofrepparttar 150811 meal. Pay attention to your guest, orrepparttar 150812 clerk helping your find your books, or your friends. Leave your cell phone out ofrepparttar 150813 equation. Your guest will be amazed at your politeness and probably returnrepparttar 150814 favor.

Do more features in a cellphone mean a better cellphone?

Written by ian tham

Do we need so many features on a cellphone?


The latest cellphone gizmo contains seemingly endless functions and features to whet appetite and attract new phone buyers. 

You want mp3 player? 

You got it. 

How about digital camera? 

Yup! Games? 


Organiser functions ? 


Web surfing ?


You must give credit torepparttar designers who are able to squeeze so many features into a slim and relatively light package. Butrepparttar 150678 bottom line is does it fulfill its purpose? 

In moments when you find yourself waiting for an appointment or you are in a queue and are bored, you can indeed find amusement playing games on your phone. However, evenrepparttar 150679 latest cell phone screen are tiny compared to portable devices dedicated to mobile gaming. You will find it hard to manipulaterepparttar 150680 number keys and navigation buttons to playrepparttar 150681 games asrepparttar 150682 keys are rather small. Also, repparttar 150683 layout is not specifically configured for game playing. 

You may decide to play either radio or mp3 player.  An medium budget mobile phone shows inherent weakness with minimal capacity for songs and inability to create play list.

Likewise forrepparttar 150684 digital camera functions. The maximum resolution one can find for a cell phone is about 1 to 2 megapixel , not to mentioned steep prices for this function. Picture quality can never rival stand alone digital cameras whose resolution can easily reach 8 megapixels.

Even surfingrepparttar 150685 web by gprs has its limitations. There is limited content and it seems to take forever to get torepparttar 150686 desired page you want. It is also difficult to read on a small screen.

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