Cell Phone Batteries, Your Options

Written by Brady Middleton

Have you ever wondered how we got along beforerepparttar use of cell phones? Cell phones have become an important part of your life allowing people to reach you at all times duringrepparttar 146584 night and day. It if for this reason when purchasing a new cell phone, thatrepparttar 146585 cell phone battery is an important equation in your overall decision and needs for your new cell phone.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing your new cell phone batteries:

The Cell Phone Batteries Capacity:

The higher capacity cell phone batteries will give you more talk time and stand by time in between cell phone charges. But realize if you go with higher performance cell phone batteries - they also comes a greater weight in size. The bigger size cell phone batteries may not be as easy to fit in your pocket, cell phone protector andrepparttar 146586 like. If you will be traveling with your cell phone frequently this may quickly become a nuisance for you.

Getting a Deal on your Cell Phone Batteries:

As with any product purchase, choosingrepparttar 146587 lowest priced cell phone batteries may not be a smartest choice. Be leery ofrepparttar 146588 batteries that are too “cheap” to believe, most times these are refurbished cell phone batteries and it is best to buy a brand new cell phone battery. Refurbished cell phone batteries may have old components or they may have an old manufacture date which will greatly lower their value.

How to call to India & other Countries Cheap & Conveniently

Written by Karo Yegyan

Fortunately, now days there is no monopoly inrepparttar Long Distance calling industry, like it used to be for many years. Fromrepparttar 146466 USA, Canada and from many other countries, there are many alternatives for making long distance and international phone calls. One major method for making international calls is by signing up with a Long Distance/International Carrier (Ex. AT&T, MCI...) and every time when you make international calls, atrepparttar 146467 end of each month, you will receive a bill, where you will be charged for all your calls, based on that specific company’s (carrier) current rates (traditional way). Another type, which is very similar torepparttar 146468 above mentioned method is when, instead of signing up with a specific Long Distance Carrier, you are dialing (inrepparttar 146469 beginning) extra numbers, (carrier company’s access code) to connect with that carrier company and then dialing your destination numbers. In this way you also will receive monthly bills with all charges included (Ex. dialing 1010). Second major method is comparably new. This is when you are using a Prepaid Phone Cards to make your long distance calls. Prepaid Phone Cards are cards which you purchase (for a set price) and use to make long distance, domestic or international phone calls. This is an alternative and new method compared with traditional methods. They allow holders to make calls up torepparttar 146470 value ofrepparttar 146471 card, by dialing a local access # or Toll Free # and entering a PIN. Usually, you have two options to purchase phone cards. One option is buying actual (physical) cards from retail stores andrepparttar 146472 other option is purchasing them online and instantly receiving PIN # by e-mail ( Ex. http://www.PhoneCardsGallery.com ). This last one isrepparttar 146473 fastest growing method inrepparttar 146474 international telecommunication industry. Prepaid Phone Card with instant PIN delivery (e-mail) isrepparttar 146475 most convenient & cheapest way to make long distance calls & this method is getting more and more popular. The Prepaid Phone Card method has already mushroomed to a $4 billion industry with an estimated 500 million cards sold last year alone. Advantages of using Prepaid Phone Cards over using Long Distance carriers. Ether, you sign up with Long Distance carrier or you dial carrier’s access number to make international calls via those carriers, you will be billed inrepparttar 146476 end ofrepparttar 146477 each month, where you will be charged for all your calls based on their current (variable) rates, plus many other different charges for taxes, fees, services & etc. Using this method you will not have a chance to choose calling rates, and most ofrepparttar 146478 time you even will not knowrepparttar 146479 current rates (they can be changed anytime) that you are going to be charged, unless you callrepparttar 146480 company every time you want to make international calls and ask their rates for your country in that specific day and time (some carriers provide different rates during different parts ofrepparttar 146481 day). You will have no control on your calling time (mostly you will call much longer than you was planning or expecting) and your monthly expenses. You will not know exactly how much you are going to be billed (most ofrepparttar 146482 time, once you getrepparttar 146483 bill, you will surprise withrepparttar 146484 charged amount). And,repparttar 146485 most important thing is that most Long Distance carriers have much higher per minute rates than Prepaid Phone Cards. So,repparttar 146486 main advantages of prepaid phone cards over telephone companies’ direct dialing method are that by using prepaid phone cards you will avoid paying extra fees, taxes and different charges, and since you do not have any accounts or contracts, you will be able to chooserepparttar 146487 cards withrepparttar 146488 best rates for your country. Withrepparttar 146489 prepaid phone cards you will be able to control your calling expenses- since you pay in advance; there is no bill (no surprises inrepparttar 146490 end of each month). Also, prepaid phone cards offer rates that are much lower than a telephone company’s basic international rates and this is a big attraction. Advantages of Online Prepaid Phone Cards with instant PIN delivery over Actual (physical) Prepaid Phone Cards.

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