Celebrating the ME in MumME

Written by Peggy Porter

Copyright 2005 Peggy Porter

Another Mother’s Day is upon us. A day in which our loved ones bestow us with handmade gifts, breakfast in bed, supper out and sometimes even jewelry!!! It is a day for our family to show how much they appreciaterepparttar job we do.

I remember after my first child was born, I developed this deep respect for other mothers and immediately felt connected to all of them. I felt a bond that only strengthenedrepparttar 137118 further into motherhood I went.

So on this very special weekend, I want to honor, not only my own mother, but all mothers. You hold a very special place in my heart and I know first handrepparttar 137119 challenges and rewards that we experience on a daily basis. Motherhood is several professions rolled up in to one; nurse, teacher, housekeeper, referee, cook, manager and many more. The pay is poor butrepparttar 137120 benefits arerepparttar 137121 best.

My wish for all mothers is that you don’t wait forrepparttar 137122 one day ofrepparttar 137123 year before YOU recognizerepparttar 137124 contribution you make inrepparttar 137125 lives of others. It is so important to appreciate, on a daily basis,repparttar 137126 job you do. We often second guess our mothering ability. We focus onrepparttar 137127 times we lost patience instead ofrepparttar 137128 times we didn’t. We countrepparttar 137129 times we yelled instead ofrepparttar 137130 times we said I love you. We fixate onrepparttar 137131 mess ofrepparttar 137132 house instead of recognizing thatrepparttar 137133 time spent reading withrepparttar 137134 kids was a better decision.

Seeking to Nurture Others? Start By Finding Yourself!

Written by Fran Hendrick

Copyright 2005 Fran Hendrick

"I'm not worried about what I want; I just want to make sure that everyone else has what they want."

It's an unspoken chorus of women who have been raised to believe that being "selfless" is their greatest gift torepparttar world.

Underneath it lurks a great fear.

"If my family knew how I really feel or if I insisted on what I want, they would stop loving me!"

As women, many of us were taught that being valued by others means leaving ourselves behind. We quickly learn to act in ways that are inconsistent with our own beliefs and feelings in order to avoid displeasing people whom we love and need. What a paradox! For in order to be truly valued by another, we must present an authentic self, not a façade designed to avoid rejection. Authenticity isrepparttar 137117 sine qua non of true connection with others, and yet it is our fear of disconnection that drives us to hide our real thoughts and feelings, i.e. to reject ourselves. What a joy to suddenly understand that fully becomingrepparttar 137118 person you are meant to be is actuallyrepparttar 137119 very best way to serve others!

The fact is, by fully defining and appreciating ourselves, we naturally become empowered to release our unique gifts and dreams into our work and our relationships, and to achieve joy and flow in our lives. The people we care about are best served when we are acting from wholeness, not by our “playing a part” in an attempt to please them. Only when we allow our individual sparks to glow isrepparttar 137120 Universe at its brightest.

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