Celebrate the 4th and Help a Soldier

Written by Susan Fitter


My good friend, Rae, just called and suggested having a Fourth of July cookout that supports our troops in Iraq. “How?” I asked, feeling somewhat guilty that we can drink margaritas and play lawn games with our families on Independence Day, while our troops in Iraq are risking life and limb. Always upbeat, Rae chirped, “By having everyone bring a gift that we’ll collect and send torepparttar troops. You know useful things like CDs, books, underwear…”

Underwear? Well, they were called “unmentionables” for a reason; we seem to forget to mention that we need them. It makes sense, especially since undies are made to be fun now – just look at Joe Cool Boxers orrepparttar 143680 Victoria’s Secret catalogue. “Okay, we’re in”, I responded.

Well, unless you have a close family member in a war zone like my friend, Rae, sending gifts can be a problem due to security concerns and anthrax scares.

Should You Get Baby Shower Game Ideas for Free?

Written by Randy Wilson

There are quite a few baby shower game ideas for free online. Low priced games on pre-printed forms are also available and make it easier for your guests to understandrepparttar rules ofrepparttar 143614 game and what is expected of each player. You no longer have to tear pieces of paper out of a spiral notebook atrepparttar 143615 last minute and spend fifteen minutes and two “trial game runs” explaining what your guests are supposed to write.

When you find baby shower games to print, you will look more organized than just handing out slips of paper to your guests to play your baby shower game ideas for free. Your guest of honor will appreciaterepparttar 143616 extra effort you went to to prepare for her baby shower with purchased games ratherrepparttar 143617 baby shower game ideas for free.

I’m not going to lie to you – baby shower games ideas for free are usually not as nice as baby shower printable games that you buy. When you buy games for a babyshower from online merchants,repparttar 143618 printouts will look a bit nicer thanrepparttar 143619 available baby shower game ideas for free.

Any printable baby shower games, however, will look nicer than just notebook paper. You should base your decision on paying for baby shower games to print on how much money you have invested inrepparttar 143620 shower. If you’ve overspent, you might want to sacrifice a little onrepparttar 143621 quality of babyshower party games you choose.

If you budget your baby shower money a little better, you might want to skiprepparttar 143622 baby shower games for free and invest in some more professionally designed babyshower games. You can purchase single baby shower games to download for around $4 to $7 per game and game kits for under $10 to around $30.

These kits are aboutrepparttar 143623 same cost as you’d pay for justrepparttar 143624 games, and you get all kinds of extras, like baby shower name tags, a shower invitation generator, and party management tools.

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