Catholic hierarchy

Written by Jan-Olov von Wowern

1) Catholic hierarchy :repparttar nobiliary element inrepparttar 138680 Catholic Church by Jan-Olov von Wowern

It seems to me that some ofrepparttar 138681 oldest still surviving hierarchies are those ofrepparttar 138682 nobility,repparttar 138683 Church andrepparttar 138684 military. What is perhaps not commonly known is how they correspond with each other. Below is an outline ofrepparttar 138685 correspondence betweenrepparttar 138686 catholic hierarchy ofrepparttar 138687 Holy Roman Catholic Church and that ofrepparttar 138688 nobility.

Let me first say that all noblemen are dependent on a Prince or Monarch for their noble rank. Catholic priests have since time immemorial held rank equivalent to that of an (untitled) nobleman, nobile. It is from a nobiliary standpoint interesting to reflect uponrepparttar 138689 Lateran Pacts of 1929 betweenrepparttar 138690 Holy See and Italy. The Vatican City State is recognized as a sovereign country andrepparttar 138691 Supreme Pontiff as its Sovereign, in this capacity equal torepparttar 138692 King of Italy. Article 21 ofrepparttar 138693 "Conciliation Treaty" states that "All Cardinals shall enjoy, in Italy,repparttar 138694 honours due to Princes ofrepparttar 138695 Blood". (Forrepparttar 138696 text, see ).

This means thatrepparttar 138697 two top levels ofrepparttar 138698 noble hierarchy are defined, and they correspond to equal ranks ofrepparttar 138699 priesthood. The other steps follow by extrapolation inrepparttar 138700 only way possible.

Catholic Hierarchy Noble hierarchy

Pope Monarch Cardinal Prince Archbishop Duke/Marquis Bishop / Aux. Bishop Count/Baron Monsignore/Priest Noble

Of course a number of details may be argued. It should however be noted that other codification exists as well. Inrepparttar 138701 Almanach de Gota, all Cardinals are listed as havingrepparttar 138702 rank of Prince ( ). In his book "The Holy See andrepparttar 138703 International Order", that most distinguished diplomat ofrepparttar 138704 Holy See H.E. Archbishop Hyginus Eugene Cardinale has devoted part of a chapter to "Armorial bearings, attire and titles of Catholic priests", andrepparttar 138705 entire book is highly recommended.

Chaplain Provides Training in Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife

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