Cathars,Courtly Love, and History

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

This is an entry from my three volume encyclopedia. CRUSADES, CATHARS AND 'COURTLY LOVE': - One ofrepparttar greatest legacies ofrepparttar 141631 revitalization ofrepparttar 141632 teachings of 'brotherhood' inrepparttar 141633 13th century ofrepparttar 141634 Troubadors was sexual and gender respect. The Cathar 'dove' and Peace were not destined to last, butrepparttar 141635 education of people could not be squelched. It can be argued thatrepparttar 141636 world was a better place then:repparttar 141637 Americas were still part ofrepparttar 141638 'Brotherhood' althoughrepparttar 141639 Mediterranean warlike cultures of misogynistic deviate men had a strong foothold. Many people there were willing to see a different course of action based more on nurturing female aspects of our psyche. The Templars surely fought to protectrepparttar 141640 Cathars and they shortly thereafter had to reconfigure asrepparttar 141641 Knights of Christ in Portugal. Around that time one ofrepparttar 141642 'waves of Asians' came out ofrepparttar 141643 steppes and broughtrepparttar 141644 Pax Tartaris. These waves are becoming as exposed asrepparttar 141645 'Sea Peoples/Hyksos' theory and some limited Trojan War. Temujin or Genghis Khan was not as barbarian asrepparttar 141646 Europeans and Tarim's recent pictures of 'red-heads' nearrepparttar 141647 Great Wall in 1800 BC were in his Altaic region over a millenium before that. The history ofrepparttar 141648 cultural evolution of man was benefited byrepparttar 141649 announcement ofrepparttar 141650 modern man who is not our genetic blood and is much older (2x or more, If not a great deal more to tie in withrepparttar 141651 Flores Island seafarers of 800,000+ years whererepparttar 141652 Hobbit is now found.). Indeedrepparttar 141653 archaeological and genetic forensic as well as forensic tools, including linguistics blowrepparttar 141654 roof offrepparttar 141655 old 'his'-story!

Butrepparttar 141656 Cathars failed to re-instituterepparttar 141657 'Brotherhood' and living love that Jesus actually taught. Temujin came a lot closer to making an ethical and safe place inrepparttar 141658 largest Empire ofrepparttar 141659 'his'-torians. His progeny threw bodies infected withrepparttar 141660 Plague overrepparttar 141661 walls of Christian held trading centers onrepparttar 141662 Black Sea andrepparttar 141663 scourge became an important part ofrepparttar 141664 oppressionrepparttar 141665 Catholic Crusades were Inquisiting upon all people of Europe. The Treaty of Tordesillas later brought it to America to wipe out over 70 million within a hundred years: who isrepparttar 141666 barbarian? The noted authors and scientists ofrepparttar 141667 Catholics like William of Rubruck detailedrepparttar 141668 quarantining methods and marmot origins of this 'Black Death' even before that. The truth isrepparttar 141669 Catholic leaders knew how this would assist in their feudal control andrepparttar 141670 ‘sins and demons' ignorance which ultimately realizedrepparttar 141671 'Dark Ages' goal of reducingrepparttar 141672 knowledge ofrepparttar 141673 masses torepparttar 141674 point of complete slaves to their foul motives. The 70 million who had lived in North America before De Soto and Columbus (with his unusual fighting dogs) had kids who died during that hundred years too: sorepparttar 141675 total who died from biological warfare inrepparttar 141676 North American continent easily exceedsrepparttar 141677 80 million who died in Europe. At this juncturerepparttar 141678 Flagellants were blamingrepparttar 141679 Jews for causingrepparttar 141680 'Plague'. That is true to some extent becauserepparttar 141681 Jews built a religion thatrepparttar 141682 Romans took over andrepparttar 141683 Saxons and many Roman equestrian farmers (De Medicis) are Jews..


* 3,500 BC - Unification of Egypt and establishment of an exclusive Amazon trading area by aristocratic elite and priest/warriors with an army of soldiers given various grades of weapons in metal to protect and defend their assets or trading empires. - The 'Brotherhood' is co-opted from within butrepparttar 141684 people are promised great things and matrilineal royalty becomesrepparttar 141685 norm. - Similar 'elites' dorepparttar 141686 same in China, and maybe even an overlord reporting torepparttar 141687 Egyptian based enterprise of Memphis or Crete. - A plethora of secrets exist in trade routes, maps, use of explosives for effects of a spiritual nature, 'Lost Chord' and technologies of building. The 'Murrhine' vases allow salt water to be potable but toxic build up leads to deaths of valuable sailors who begin to catch on and become pirates (Berbers and Basques). - Pyramids designed and later constructed to explainrepparttar 141688 magnificence of many things torepparttar 141689 people. Myths of all sorts of divination abound *2,000 BC - Families in places like Iberia ofrepparttar 141690 Caspian Region which had a capital byrepparttar 141691 same name (now Tiflis) made alliances with - other regions ofrepparttar 141692 world againstrepparttar 141693 international ideals. This lead to factional fighting with Kelts (Amazons) fighting those who were more intermarried with Uighurs. The Silk Route was a haven for bandits and mixed breed non-aristocrats likerepparttar 141694 Phoenician Society of Pirates. The breakdown in egalitarian models and corporate ability to enforce trading monopolies was only partially due to weapon technology diffusion. It was more connected torepparttar 141695 use of social engineering inrepparttar 141696 Temples that included prostitution (whichrepparttar 141697 aristocrats later wanted for themselves (concubinage). - Fractionalization ofrepparttar 141698 former 'Brotherhood' was well along byrepparttar 141699 Hyksos intermarriage campaign. The House of Mallia in Crete was a prime mover inrepparttar 141700 aristocratic enterprise that may have its legacy inrepparttar 141701 Smyrna/Onassis and Sybaritic unproductive ideas of materialism. Where wererepparttar 141702 Mungo Man students and did such a human really have no genetic offspring who are alive today? *1,800 BC - Sardinia was a major base for guardingrepparttar 141703 wealth and elite who trained their children and priests in a manner that was most secret. The Nuraghi secret is still well kept to this day. It is more than irony and humor thatrepparttar 141704 poisonous plant that led torepparttar 141705 use ofrepparttar 141706 words or phrase 'Sardonic humor'. - Scotland andrepparttar 141707 'Emerald Isles' was a major haven for these elites andrepparttar 141708 more egalitarian among them who came there afterrepparttar 141709 climatic and glacial effects were complete. - Hierarchies of special interests allowed kings and nobles to 'front' for them and there were growing numbers of difficulties developing through what we callrepparttar 141710 ancient world or our 'his'- story. That history was being managed andrepparttar 141711 Hyksos (means foreigners) kind of history and ethnic or national interests were accentuated with a Hegelian dialectic of setting one side againstrepparttar 141712 other. Secret 'mystery schools' were organized and structured with different terms of focus likerepparttar 141713 Therapeutae or Pythagorean Brotherhood. The pre-existing groups like Sarmoung and Great White Brotherhood retained a smaller number of those who knew more of what was going on. Tuthmosis is said to have beenrepparttar 141714 organizer of these plans forrepparttar 141715 esoteric knowledge. Wars began in earnest and were culminated inrepparttar 141716 Trojan War which lasted more than ten years even though Troy may have been a central location forrepparttar 141717 negotiations for that period of time. *1,200 BC - The end ofrepparttar 141718 Trojan War which coincides withrepparttar 141719 archaeologic record ofrepparttar 141720 destruction ofrepparttar 141721 cities of Miletus and Jericho. It was not just in Troy but in 18 other theatres of operations including Arkansas. - A four hundred year 'Dark Ages' developed asrepparttar 141722 trade once shared was curtailed and controlled by smaller groups of people with Greed as their primary motivation. Solomon and Hiram of Tyre arerepparttar 141723 best known of these. *800 BC - The founding of Carthage and Etruria showed a group of people felt they could expandrepparttar 141724 trade and still control it andrepparttar 141725 people wouldn't get out of control. Others were averse to this and conflicts inrepparttar 141726 elite led to a greater sense of futility among those who were becoming more indolent andrepparttar 141727 technologies and creative entrepreneurial were diminishing, among them but not amongrepparttar 141728 Pirates and spin off organizations. *540 BC - A thirty year period of re-adjustment ended with Rome being founded and Sardinia was no longer a clearing house forrepparttar 141729 collected enterprises ofrepparttar 141730 Phoenicians or other elites which had varying agendas. The total destruction of Sybaris andrepparttar 141731 Battle of Alalia are significant to this period.

10 Risk Factors that Every Pregnant Woman Should be Aware of

Written by Criss White

Many factors affectrepparttar development of a fetus into a healthy child, some which are beyond your control and others that are within your control. Here are ten ofrepparttar 141474 most common pregnancy risk factors that can be controlled or influenced:

  1. Smoking - Smoking is not only bad for you, but bad for your baby as well. Smoking during pregnancy reducesrepparttar 141475 amount of oxygen that repparttar 141476 baby receives and increasesrepparttar 141477 risk of miscarriage, bleeding, and morning sickness. Chemicals inhaled while smoking may lead to other health problems withrepparttar 141478 baby. Reduced birth weight, premature birth, increased risk of SIDS, and stillbirth are other possible consequences. Pregnant women should also avoid second hand smoke.
  2. Alcohol - Drinking can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, including symptoms like low birth weight, medical problems, and behavior abnormalities. As soon as you know you are pregnant, stop drinking. For more detailed information on problems that can be caused by alcohol, visit
  3. Caffeine - There are many conflicting studies about caffeine and pregnancy and some believe that caffeine is not as harmful as it was once thought to be. Nevertheless,repparttar 141479 FDA warns against caffeine consumption during pregnancy and suggests quitting or reducing consumption at repparttar 141480 very least. Caffeine has been shown to affect fetal heart rates and awake time (fetuses grow when sleeping). Decaffeinated coffee can also be harmful since producers often add additional chemicals to removerepparttar 141481 caffeine. Caffeine can also increase risk of stretch marks. Suddenly quitting coffee intake can cause headaches; so most experts recommend gradually reducingrepparttar 141482 amount consumed.
  4. Drugs and Herbal Remedies - Always be careful about drugs or herbal remedies that are not prescribed by a doctor. These substances may affectrepparttar 141483 development of your unborn child.
  5. Nutrition - Good nutrition is crucial to a developing child, particularly getting enough folic acid. Lack of folic acid can cause birth defects. At least 400-1000 micrograms of this B vitamin is suggested (about ten times more if you've already had a child with neural tube birth defects) starting one month before pregnant and throughoutrepparttar 141484 entire pregnancy. Leafy vegetables, orange juice, and beans are some natural sources of folic acid. Many stores sell vitamins with folic acid.

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