Catapult Your Traffic With These Web Site Add-Ons

Written by Ronald Gibson

Copyright 2005 Ronald Gibson

Having a website is great but, ifrepparttar site doesn't have any traffic, then what good is it really doing for you? Here are some features that you can add to your site to generate more traffic and more stickiness for your site.

1. You should add a blog to your website. Blogs are a fast and easy way to add content to your site. Why is that important? Search engines love content. A frequently updated blog will attractrepparttar 142733 search engine spiders and will get your site indexed quickly. You should try to post blog entries at least a couple of times per day.

2. Add a message board to your web site. This helps your site to develop its own little community. People will visit your web site to ask questions and answer other people's questions.

3. Add a directory of web site links to your web site. People will visit your web site to find related web site links forrepparttar 142734 topic they're interested in. As an added bonus, links are also content for search engine spiders.

4. Add an article section to your web site. People will visit your web site to read and learn new info related to their interests. And this also will provide content forrepparttar 142735 search engines.

5. Add an archive of past e-zine issues to your web site. People will visit your web site to read past issues of your e-zine that they've missed.

My Wacky Test Marketing Experiment Succeeded

Written by Jim Green

In a previous article I recounted engaging in a wacky piece of test marketing – and now I’d like to provide you with a progress report.

I set up a temporary website with a sales pitch for a product which I had yet to create - and cheekily signed off with a visitor survey request instead ofrepparttar customary options to purchase.

The questionnaire went like this…

1.Doesrepparttar 142717 sales message tempt you to buy? 2.Would you downloadrepparttar 142718 product for evaluation? 3.Would you pay $... forrepparttar 142719 standard version? 4.Would you pay $... forrepparttar 142720 deluxe version? 5.Will you subscribe to my newsletter?

Simple but loaded questions coupled to a device for capturing opt-ins.

Did it work?

You betcha!

1.Within 72 hours of submissionrepparttar 142721 web page zoomed to No.1 on Yahoo!, AltaVista and AllTheWeb with corresponding high positioning on Google, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, etc.

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