Catalina Island in the United States

Written by Jakob Jelling

Catalina Island is a very popular diving destination not only inrepparttar United States but throughrepparttar 137422 entire world as well. This island is located atrepparttar 137423 Pacific Ocean, near California, and is known asrepparttar 137424 main diving destination of that region. Tourists who visit this region can practice several different water related sports as well as many other entertaining activities, among which we can name, for example, snorkeling, diving, swimming, windsurfing and kayaking among many others.

One ofrepparttar 137425 main characteristics and principal attractions which bring divers from many different places to Catalina isrepparttar 137426 excellent water visibility they can enjoy in its waters. Visitors who dive in this area's waters enjoy of a great underwater visibility all year around, which allows them to easily observe and even photographrepparttar 137427 underwater world.

Besides visibility, there are several other characteristics which turn this diving destination into a great one. Among these other characteristics, we can namerepparttar 137428 variety of different diving spots this area has. Divers who visit Catalina Island might be able to explore caves, cliffs and wrecks while diving in a variety of spots and surrounded by a very colorful environment as well.

Bikini Atoll for experts

Written by Jakob Jelling

Bikini Atoll is a diving destination mainly recommended for experienced divers. Due to its characteristics, this Marshall Islands' destination is usually not recommended for novice divers or even those who do not count with at least 50 dives in their past. It is recommendable that those divers who wish to visit this area learn about it and its diving requirements before doing so.

One ofrepparttar main attractions this atoll offers is its wrecks. Bikini Atoll waters contain some ofrepparttar 137421 most famous World War II wrecks ofrepparttar 137422 world based on shipwrecks which are spread on different spots such as in Rabaul and Hansa Bay or other areas towardrepparttar 137423 northeast ofrepparttar 137424 Atoll.

Some ofrepparttar 137425 most visited Bikini Atoll's wrecks arerepparttar 137426 USS Arkansas battleship,repparttar 137427 HIJMS Nagato battleship andrepparttar 137428 USS Saratoga aircraft carrier. These three wrecks arerepparttar 137429 largest ones which visitors could find in Bikini's lagoon; their sizes range between 200m and 300m. Some other interesting wrecks to visit inrepparttar 137430 area arerepparttar 137431 Agano class cruiser Sakawa, Pilotfish and Apogon among others.

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