Cat Lover's Gift Basket

Written by Joi Sigers

Speaking as a quintessential cat lover, receiving a "Cat Lover's Gift Basket" is second only to receiving an actual cat!

Next time you're shopping for someone who is as wild about cats as you and I are, considerrepparttar following suggestions. You'll all be happy, includingrepparttar 135722 feline ofrepparttar 135723 group.

First of all, decide upon your "Basket". It can either be a medium-sized wicker basket (cats love to nestle inside of them) or it could be a fairly deep cat bed. Inside, onrepparttar 135724 bottom, lay out sheets of colorful tissue paper, or even a pretty baby blanket.

Following are some ideas for treats to fillrepparttar 135725 basket or bed. Customizerepparttar 135726 list appropiately forrepparttar 135727 lucky person who is receivingrepparttar 135728 present.

Things To Think About Before You Buy A Pet Bird

Written by Lee Dobbins

While a bird is an easy pet to care for, they do require just as much commitment and preparation as any other type of pet. Whether you are buying a small parakeet or an large parrot, you should make sure that you are prepared to care for your new feathered friend properly.

One thing that all pets, including birds need is attention. If your schedule has you working long hours and not spending much time at home, perhaps you should consider a fish tank instead of a bird. A bird cannot be left in itís cage alone allrepparttar time and still be expected to be friendly onrepparttar 135654 odd days when you feel like playing with it. Some birds require more interaction than others, but they are social creatures and need you to set aside some time each day to play with them. You can use this time to teach them tricks and strengthenrepparttar 135655 bond between you.

When considering bringing a bird into your home, you must think aboutrepparttar 135656 safety of your new pet. Are there other pets inrepparttar 135657 house that could be threatening torepparttar 135658 bird? Are there tiny nooks and crannies that a bird could get into and hurt himself? Dorepparttar 135659 other members of your family leaverepparttar 135660 windows and doors open whererepparttar 135661 bird could fly out and be lost? All these things must be considered forrepparttar 135662 safety of your new pet

The purchase and placement of his cage is another consideration. You must buy a cage that isrepparttar 135663 right size for your bird. Many parrots become quite adept at opening their own cage doors so you should consider how easyrepparttar 135664 cage is to break out of. The cage should be made out of a safe material and have bars spaced in such a way thatrepparttar 135665 bird cannot get his head stuck in between them. There should be no sharp edges and their should be appropriate food and water dishes as well as perches insiderepparttar 135666 cage. Cages can be expensive, but donít skimp on this as it is your pets new home!

Before you buyrepparttar 135667 cage, consider where you will be keeping it. It is best ifrepparttar 135668 cage can be in a quiet corner but near family activities as your bird really wants to be part ofrepparttar 135669 family. You should keep it out of direct sunlight, and away from any drafts or anywhere that could have a sudden change in temperature like in front ofrepparttar 135670 heater or air conditions. Avoid placingrepparttar 135671 cage inrepparttar 135672 kitchen as fumes and hot surfaces can be hazardous. Be aware thatrepparttar 135673 fumes from nonstick pans can be deadly to a pet bird, so make sure you get rid of all your non stick pans before bringing your bird home. Of course, you will want to keeprepparttar 135674 cage out ofrepparttar 135675 path of traffic so you need to buy a cage that isrepparttar 135676 appropriate size for your bird as well asrepparttar 135677 right size to fit inrepparttar 135678 intended area.

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