Cat Arthritis

Written by Niall Kennedy

Cat arthritis is not a very common ailment among healthy cats. Most arthritis found in cats is from an accident that has maderepparttar bones or joints weak. Arthritis is an inflammation ofrepparttar 125835 joints and there is more than one type of arthritis that can affect your cat.

Cats usually suffer with two different types of arthritis. The first one being traumatic arthritis, this is brought on by an injury. It could have been a fight with another animal or even being hit by a car.

Osteoarthritis is when a joint just quits working properly and new bone is growing aroundrepparttar 125836 joint. Many older cats have this type of arthritis and can be brought on from numerous accidents including dislocations of their joints or even fractures.

Traumatic arthritis does not usually last but can be very painful, if it is more or less a sprain. But, if it involves a fracture thenrepparttar 125837 pain can last a longer time and may even need surgery to healrepparttar 125838 fracture or dislocation.

Lyme Disease in dogs

Written by Niall Kennedy

It is hard to get an early diagnosis of lyme disease in your own dog. The first sign of lyme disease in humans is a rash, well; animals do not develop this rash. Lyme disease is also not one ofrepparttar first illnesses thatrepparttar 125834 veterinarian looks for when you take your dog in for a visit. Many other common illnesses can produce some ofrepparttar 125835 same symptoms, so it can be hard to detect.

Lyme disease does affect each dog different as it does with humans. Many dogs that are affected with lyme disease seem to be in pain and many stop eating. They may even run very high fevers. Lyme disease affectsrepparttar 125836 entire body and some dogs may become lame and then even if untreatedrepparttar 125837 lameness can disappear but can reappear later on. Your dog may not even show any signs of an illness for a long period of time and in fact have lyme disease, and thenrepparttar 125838 symptoms can show up a year later.

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