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Written by Lane Bowers

In today's fast-paced Web environment, there are lots of ways you can add value to your website. The most common one is simple 'content' inrepparttar form of articles related to your business. But many entrepreneurs have taken that concept a step farther, and are now offering content that not only complements their business presentation, but that can be sold as a separate product.

Selling an informational product from your website is worth considering no matter what your business is. From ebooks to audiotapes to videotapes,repparttar 125235 choices are varied - and many of them are surprisingly affordable, with allrepparttar 125236 technology available to us now.

Take, for example, websites about sales techniques. Many online sales experts - particularly trainers and coaches - have available, on their websites, books and tapes ABOUTrepparttar 125237 art of selling. Visitors torepparttar 125238 site can learn from browsing throughrepparttar 125239 free informational content there, or they haverepparttar 125240 option of purchasing these additional products to further pursue their learning.

Let's say you wanted to learn how to golf -- there are several ways to go about it. You would want to get out on a course and hit a few balls, you might take a lesson or two, and you might subscribe to a magazine about golfing.

If you're onrepparttar 125241 Internet, you'll most certainly do a search for golf websites. And when you find them, you'll likely discover that a huge percentage of websites aboutrepparttar 125242 game of golf have instructional videos you can purchase to help you with your game.


Written by Martin Franzen

Let's face it, some businesses sell "high ticket" items with enough profit margin that a few sales will do. Internet businesses don't usually follow this trend. So one ofrepparttar KEYS to success onrepparttar 125234 net is driving HUGE amounts of traffic to your site. To do this you need TOOLS. And you need them to be FREE. Here is a step by step guide to what tools to use and how to use them.


This may seem obvious but it's more than just having a domain name. Every day people surfrepparttar 125235 web only to find sites that take FOREVER to load, have music that sounds like cats fighting, and have links that don't work. AVOID THIS TRAP. There are FREE TOOLS to help you build an excellent site. And you don't have to be a "techie" to use them. Make sure your site is up to par.


Autoresponders allow you to respond to inquiries about your product or service without your involvement. You writerepparttar 125236 message forrepparttar 125237 autoresponder to send, then set it and forget it. Autoresponders can send follow up messages as well so thatrepparttar 125238 information you send can be spaced out over time, giving yourepparttar 125239 chance to repeat your selling points over days or weeks, remindingrepparttar 125240 prospect why they should do business with you. Autoresponders QUALIFY your prospects so you only spend your time doing deals that can be done.


Most of us send hundreds of emails a month. A signature line (actually as many lines as you want) presents a selling message to EVERYONE you send email to. You can include active links to your website and even include your autoresponder address if you like. Putting a selling signature in your email is easy and FREE. THAT'S automation working FOR you.

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