Caring for aquatic pond plants

Written by Brett Fogle

Caring for aquatic plants Long afterrepparttar impatiens have been pulled out, water gardeners are still hoping for that last lily bloom. For some reason, we want to squeeze every leaf, bud and blossom out of our aquatic plants before winter. Unfortunately, cold weather often comes before we’ve trimmedrepparttar 116251 cattails or prunedrepparttar 116252 lilies. Wait too long and all those beautiful leaves will fall off and rot inrepparttar 116253 water. Trim bog and marsh plants such as papyrus, taro and cattails, before frost hits. Pull outrepparttar 116254 hardy water lilies and trim off allrepparttar 116255 leaves. Yes, even that last bud! Put allrepparttar 116256 potted plants intorepparttar 116257 deepest area ofrepparttar 116258 pond to prevent freeze damage.

How to Choose between Goldfish and KOI

Written by Brett Fogle

Many people have asked us overrepparttar years "Should I add goldfish or KOI (or both) to my pond? The answer is "it depends."

Goldfish are better suited to smaller water gardens and ponds, inrepparttar 116250 50 - 500 gallon range. Goldfish are extremely hardy and easy to care for, which makes themrepparttar 116251 perfect choice forrepparttar 116252 new pond owner or water gardener.

KOI Feeding

KOI, onrepparttar 116253 other hand, require a little more knowledge and better water quality in most cases, than goldfish and are better suited torepparttar 116254 more experienced pond keeper. KOI generally thrive best in ponds over 500 gallons (the bigger -repparttar 116255 better.)

This is becuase KOI can grow quite large and therefore require more water inrepparttar 116256 pond for proper biological breakdown of waste. KOI are also more expensive (and harder to replace) than goldfish, so this should also be taken into account before filling your new pond full of KOI fish.

More considerations...

Goldfish are an excellent choice forrepparttar 116257 average water garden that is usually also full of a variety of potted plants. Lilies, Lotus, Iris, and submerged annuals - these all do well in a water garden pond with goldfish. Goldfish will not disturbrepparttar 116258 plants, and will enjoy playing around underrepparttar 116259 lily pads without disturbingrepparttar 116260 plants.

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