Caribbean Spaghetti

Written by Kenia Morales

4 servings

1 lb. of spaghetti 1 tbs.. of olives 1/3 cup of diced green pepper 4 tbs. of butter 1 cup of diced salami or ham 1/3 cup of thinly sliced onions 1/4 tbs. of mashed garlic 1 cube of chicken stock 4 tbs. of tomato paste

Boil spaghetti when it softens drain water.

Living in Harmony with Yourself: The Triple Trinity of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Written by Alice Steinbart

You are one entity with three aspects. Each has its needs. Each part of you has to honour, respect, and work in harmony withrepparttar other parts in order for all to reach their needs. Each part has basic needs, intermediate needs, and ultimate needs.

Body's Needs Basic food, water, clothing, shelter

Second level to be healthy, to feel well, to feel good, to feel pampered, to be touched

Ultimate goal to be immortal

Mind's Needs Basic control, safety, security

Second Level to be loved, to be connected, to feel part of

Ultimate Goal self-actualization

Spirit's Needs Basic to be known, recognized, accepted as existing

Second Level to heal, to become whole, to be at peace, to know itself, to find wisdom

Ultimate Goal heaven, nirvana, endingrepparttar 125511 cycle, coming home

We talk about living in peace and harmony with others, but very little is said about living in harmony with ourselves.

Most people emphasize one aspect overrepparttar 125512 others, usually mind. We talk of people so caught up in repparttar 125513 material world, in making money, acquiring things, paying offrepparttar 125514 mortgage, that they have lost their soul.

Some are primarily concerned about their body, either making it look good or making it healthy. Of them we say they are trying to live forever or be young forever.

Some are spiritually oriented torepparttar 125515 point where they denigrate their body, become ascetics, learn to overcome physical discomfort, and even self- flagellate. Or more commonly denigrate mind, attributing to it negatives such as selfish, fearful, shameful, controlling, guilt-ridden. They may attack body and mind as distractions, illusions. This is not harmony.

Harmony is each aspect recognizing, respecting, and taking care ofrepparttar 125516 others; honouring body, mind, and spirit. Harmony is body, mind, and spirit living and working together in intra- dependence.

Your body is not just a vessel for your mind and spirit. Thatís disrespectful. Your body has a life of its own, is beautiful, even a miracle, provides pleasure.

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