Caribbean Single Market and Economy - Who says UWI isnít doing enough?

Written by Eldonna Lendor

The University ofrepparttar West Indies (UWI) has often been viewed as a long-standing partner to Caribbean Governments in fostering integration and development of our people, and forming strategic alliances.

CARICOM member states are now consideringrepparttar 144967 establishment of a single market economy. This will meanrepparttar 144968 general removal of all legal and administrative restrictions to trade. Increased competition among these states is therefore inevitable. The ability of member states to surviverepparttar 144969 effects of trade liberalisation will among other things depend onrepparttar 144970 capacity of its human resources and its learning institutions. The role that UWI is playing in enablingrepparttar 144971 people and countries ofrepparttar 144972 region to makerepparttar 144973 transition will therefore come under great scrutiny. Many, including graduates ofrepparttar 144974 University, believe that ďUWI simply isnít doing enough!Ē

UWIís role has been assessed based on changes in its curriculum,repparttar 144975 level of intellectual discussion stimulated onrepparttar 144976 topic among people ofrepparttar 144977 region andrepparttar 144978 extent to which it has facilitated product development by enhancingrepparttar 144979 regions access to specialised training and technology transfer.

A major criticism levelled againstrepparttar 144980 University is that it has failed to employ innovative strategies and radical curriculum engineering in achievingrepparttar 144981 transformation required to strategically addressrepparttar 144982 challenges facingrepparttar 144983 region.

Torepparttar 144984 question of whetherrepparttar 144985 University has enhancedrepparttar 144986 intellectual capacity ofrepparttar 144987 people ofrepparttar 144988 region,repparttar 144989 answer is an emphatic yes. But when asked whether its efforts have equalled those of reputable universities aroundrepparttar 144990 world,repparttar 144991 response is not equally convincing.

Caribbean entrepreneurs argue that UWI has not instilled in its graduates,repparttar 144992 dramatic changes in attitude and perspectives required to assistrepparttar 144993 business sector in confrontingrepparttar 144994 challenges ofrepparttar 144995 CSME. Amidst a climate of high unemployment among graduates,repparttar 144996 view is that UWI is not equipping its graduates to seek opportunities for self-employment. Instead, UWI is churning out bookworms that lack entrepreneurial vision!

The question has also been asked about whetherrepparttar 144997 University has increased opportunities for regional cooperation in human, economic and social development. No doubt, it has played a critical and significant role in integratingrepparttar 144998 people and countries ofrepparttar 144999 region. In fact, it can be argued that UWI has played a pivotal role in advancingrepparttar 145000 spirit of cooperation and integration that has maderepparttar 145001 Caribbean single market a reality. In comparison torepparttar 145002 ďmuch-laudedĒ CARICOM Federation,repparttar 145003 continuing achievements ofrepparttar 145004 University ofrepparttar 145005 West Indies dispelrepparttar 145006 arguments thatrepparttar 145007 region cannot unite.

Teen Suicide, how do we stop it?

Written by Ryan Orr

I have been watchingrepparttar news and reading papers from all overrepparttar 144627 last couple of weeks. I have read web blogs, letters torepparttar 144628 editor.... I have seen many things to cry about. I see people pointing fingers atrepparttar 144629 current President Bush, I see people pointing to a lack of God and parents and many other excuses for teen suicides, I see Michael Jackson in bedclothes. On television I watch as 10,000 kids die each day of starvation. I see kids running our streets with no place to go, I see trash, I see drunk drivers slapped onrepparttar 144630 wrist.

I seerepparttar 144631 jobless, and I see unemployment, I see low wages for those that do work. I see Senator John Grubesic and other State officials are lying to our police departments, others are just plain drunk drivers and have been caught. I seerepparttar 144632 family drunks in convenience stores buying beer with food stamps, and I am sure they are not feeding that torepparttar 144633 baby. I see boys and girls at our schools laughed at because they do not have nice clothes or their shoes ripped and worn to pieces.

I see working mothers crying hoping they can find a better way for their children, I see children crying without their mother. I see fathers long-gone wondering ifrepparttar 144634 kid was really theirs. I see drug dealers. I met a man today that smokes marijuana but does not know where his next check will come from. I saw a man that works twelve hours a day and belongs to two churches telling his son he did not have time to play ball. I saw a coach using foul language torepparttar 144635 ten and eleven year-oldís on his team... but letís get that part straight, regardless of age, a foul mouth is not something good men share with any boy, girl or teen.

I see voters unhappy about Asbill and Stell voting againstrepparttar 144636 ban on cockfighting. I see child protection laws being thrown out, and drunk drivers getting pats onrepparttar 144637 back. I see great men and women leaders worldwide dying of old age that will not be remembered by many, including grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, son, daughter... while thugs, liars, criminals fill up our televisions and newspapers.

I see biased media and reporters. I see media making trivial things into works of awe inspiring garbage, whilerepparttar 144638 real art goes unnoticed. Yes, this last two weeks there is a lot to cry about. Then again there is every week, and each week it becomes worse, there seem to be less tears, at least from most people. Are we hardening our hearts to our neighbors, their children, their homes.. Our neighbors?

Itís pretty bad out there, real life. The message is being sent to every household in America. To every teen, to every child. There is no hope.

As a guest speaker for a Native American Pow-wow a few years ago near Battle Creek Michigan, I was asked to speak aboutrepparttar 144639 Native American Community helping each other instead of bickering with each other. What I said then, is just as important this week torepparttar 144640 world, as it was to them.

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