Careers Online - Starting a Small Business

Written by Austin Culley

This article pertains to those wishing to start a small business online withrepparttar number of employees starting at one. It is assumed that you intent on building your own web site and will berepparttar 148005 administrator of all aspects of your new business until revenue permits you to hire help. The main objective here is to focus on a long-term goal: permanent full-time self-employment.

1) Investment: Time is your primary investment. Most people would assume that capital isrepparttar 148006 primary investment, but this is notrepparttar 148007 case. The capital required to run your business will initially be your own salary, your computer and an Internet connection, and your costs to buy your domain and host your site. Product sales and service costs may or may not be relevant depending on your business, butrepparttar 148008 point is getting started and going from there. As you produce revenue, you can then invest in product to sell. 2) Goal: The focus should never be onrepparttar 148009 short-term windfall … you stand a good chance to fail due to impatience. Expenses can stress your ability to hang in there, and if so, get a side job to payrepparttar 148010 bills, but don’t ever quit onrepparttar 148011 objective, which is working for yourself … even ifrepparttar 148012 word is “eventually”. 3) Change: Leave yourself open to changing your plan of attack so-to-speak. You may find, and more than likely will, that what you thought would work … doesn’t, or doesn’t quite. This would be due to online inexperience. Stay open to moving withrepparttar 148013 current ofrepparttar 148014 consumer. 4) Have at your disposalrepparttar 148015 right tools for success. This means investing in a reasonably good computer. Maintenance of your computer is critically important.

Employment and relationships with co workers

Written by Josh Nay

Most of us interact with our co-workers on a daily basis, its what helps us get throughrepparttar day. Most employers go to great lengths to promoterepparttar 148004 "team", some thousands of dollars on retreats and seminars andrepparttar 148005 like. Basically, to them a group of cooperative, resourceful employees all working together is as valued as good advertising. And no wonder, without it their business would fare well. Picture a workplace populated only byrepparttar 148006 characters ofrepparttar 148007 show "Family Guy". How successful do you think this business would be? One ofrepparttar 148008 biggest problems employers face is repparttar 148009 romantic relationships among their employees. Some company’s even ban such relationships. Do you think it matters much? I’ve always thought that when two people "spark"repparttar 148010 rules ofrepparttar 148011 company mean little. At least it has with me. However, people get fired, sued and accused of misbehavior allrepparttar 148012 time in virtually every company. Sexual harassment has become a major topic in today job market, and its all about one thing. The harrasee's opinion of what harassment is. That’s it, an opinion. The perception that one is being put down, embarrassed of

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