Career Searching: A Vision Without A Plan is a Hallucination

Written by Rob Taub, CCM

Success is not always something you necessarily find when you arrive. It may berepparttar journey that gets you there.

It seems as though people make career management more difficult than it has to be. When something threatens to make it simple, they almost invariably find a way to make it more complicated. For example, in recent years there’s been much more activity inrepparttar 138138 small to mid-size companies, yetrepparttar 138139 majority of people looking into a job change or career move continue to scourrepparttar 138140 newspapers forrepparttar 138141 classified advertisements, allrepparttar 138142 while complaining that there are so few meaningful opportunities. If they hadrepparttar 138143 resources to scanrepparttar 138144 300 leading newspapers and publications inrepparttar 138145 U.S. they’d still find relatively few meaningful opportunities. According torepparttar 138146 U.S. Department of Labor andrepparttar 138147 Bureau of Labor Statistics, historically, most ofrepparttar 138148 better positions are never advertised. According to R. L. Stevens Associates’ CEO, Randy Stevens, 70 to 80 percent ofrepparttar 138149 meaningful jobs go unadvertised. Ifrepparttar 138150 same people would only get out intorepparttar 138151 market and make some new friends—contacts, they’d see new opportunities, perhaps just aroundrepparttar 138152 corner.

Easier said than done? Unfortunately, yes. Most of us have never been trained in this sort of work. Evenrepparttar 138153 most senior managers may be novice in a job change or career search and can become discouraged. Still, there are a couple of basic concepts that, understood, can make job searching less complicated.

One is to begin replacingrepparttar 138154 hours you spend scanningrepparttar 138155 classifieds with meaningful, face-to-face discussion. In discussion with others, like yourself, you will likely find access torepparttar 138156 activity created by movement and happenings inrepparttar 138157 small to mid-size market. Keep this in mind: Within everyone you meet, you are likely to discover a far more helpful, energetic and interesting person you may have thought him or her to be. Just give them a change. All it takes is a little bit of encouragement and direction., which is another key concept. That is, most people like to help others; it’s human nature to help others. We just don’t always know how. Tell them how and they will help.

It Can Happen To You

Written by Jane Langdon

The dot com business is alive and well for those wanting to pursue it. What if you don’t know how to use a computer? Can anyone have twenty successful businesses onrepparttar internet in four years? Six years ago Jane Langdon did not know how to turn on a computer. Today she has twenty successful internet businesses. You can too.

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