Career Decisions in Uncertain Times

Written by Amy Crawford

Career Decisions in Uncertain Times Amy Crawford

Withrepparttar state of our security and economic times cracking beneath our feet, what are Americans thinking about their current career positions? Torn between building job security in a low-risk environment and pursuing a career that adds to their quality of life, will Americans be sure about which way to jump ifrepparttar 102058 bottom falls out?

Sincerepparttar 102059 terrorist attacks, career choices have been challenged in a few ways. “Being a career makeover coach,” says Shana Spooner,, “I’m finding two things – either people are keeping their heads down and hoping not to be laid off or they are re-thinking their career choices to do something more meaningful.” The full impact ofrepparttar 102060 terrorist attacks andrepparttar 102061 slowing economy will not be know for some time, but many travel-related fields are sure to be affected along with most tourism industries. Regardless, this attack has Americans thinking about their job security. Those who are laid off are forcefully givenrepparttar 102062 choice to get back to work doing something they view secure, or they can take this opportunity to get started doing something that holds more meaning.

Those who choose to stay with a less fulfilling job, for security, may take it over risking their financial stability. “For some, security is becoming more important and people are deciding not to make any changes at this time,” says Sandy Kaiser a life coach forrepparttar 102063 McNeill Group in Dallas, Texas. Onrepparttar 102064 other hand, Rachelle Disbennett-Lee of says, “My clients onrepparttar 102065 east coast are having a more difficult time with career decisions than my clients onrepparttar 102066 west.” She expects, that now, fewer people inrepparttar 102067 east are willing to give up who they are for their job.

Michael Stratford, a life coach for Center for Creative Development in Norwood, PA believes, “Some people now fear a high-profile career will put them in an unsafe location.” He says, “Many people seem to be re-visiting their values and what’s truly important to them. This tragedy has been a wakeup call in so many ways.”

Many coaches did say, that for those planning a career change either willingly or unwillingly, should not rushrepparttar 102068 decision. Maria Marsala, a life coach at, says, “Emotions are very high. It is best to make changes based on values and needs and not on an emotional whim.”

For those struggling with their career path, here is a list of things to remember:

1.Make a list of your likes and dislikes for every job you’ve held. 2.Write down your first memories of doing something you found really fun, and be sure to look for forgotten interests. 3.Ask others what they think you are good at to determine interest in a field you may have been unaware of. 4.Write downrepparttar 102069 qualities you like in others and look for those qualities in your next employer. 5.Make a list ofrepparttar 102070 things that are most important to you and be sure that your next career fits into those needs.

Clarifying Who You Are Seeking

Written by Rinatta Paries

People usually get what they want in one of two ways. Some people have vivid clarity about their desired outcome and it seems to magically materialize. Surely you know someone like this, or perhaps you are even one of these people. To learn more about how to attract an ideal mate in this way, read "The Power of Unwavering Belief" (

Other people cannot create what they want as easily. They must first get clear about what they want, and then take action. If you are this type of person and are single, you are likely using classified ads, online dating services and other singles-related avenues to meet your ideal mate. If so,repparttar following set of guidelines will help you create an attractive, powerful and effective singles ad or listing by helping you clearly define who you are seeking.

If you prefer not to use singles ads to attract a mate, you still need to be very clear about who you are seeking in order to attract your ideal partner. Below, you will find a set of steps to help you clarify who you are seeking for a relationship.

First, keeprepparttar 102057 following three points in mind:

1. Even when you are taking action to find a partner, you won't actually "find" a partner. You have to attract one, draw one to you. This does not mean you shouldn't take action; it is simply something to be aware of.

2. You attract what you believe. In terms of intimate relationships, often you will attract people who reflectrepparttar 102058 untransformed part of you. If you want to save time and aggravation, work on yourself and your relationship patterns before you begin trying to find or attract a partner.

3. Be clear on who you are, what you want and can offer in a relationship. Be complete with your past. Be clear about your past relationship patterns and why they are/were here. Take my free "True Love Magnet™" quiz ( to learn what you need to do in order to attract your ideal partner. If you do not score well onrepparttar 102059 quiz, your search for a mate may yield a relationship similar to what you have had inrepparttar 102060 past.

Below you arerepparttar 102061 steps for creating an effective ad, as well as a separate set of steps for those who simply want to clarify who they are seeking for a relationship.

---------------------------------------------------------------- Steps for writing an ad or a listing to attract your ideal mate: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Write downrepparttar 102062 qualities of your ideal partner. Be as specific as possible.

2. What type of person would your ideal partner be attracted to? Looking through your ideal partner's eyes, make your best guess and write it down. Don't automatically assume all ofrepparttar 102063 qualities will describe you. Be as specific as possible.

3. Doesrepparttar 102064 list in #2 describe you? If not, are you willing to grow and change so that it does? If not, go back and rewrite your description of your ideal partner and describe a person who will be attracted torepparttar 102065 qualities you have.

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