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Written by Richard Lowe

I often get asked questions about careers in IT (Information Technology). After all, I've been a Vice President of Consulting (twice for two different companies), Vice President of Development, Senior Technical specialist many times and now I am a Director Of Technical Services. I've been working with computers for 23 years as of 2001 and plan on continuing my education and career in a positive direction untilrepparttar day that I die.

So what would I recommend to anyone seeking or currently holding a career in IT? What arerepparttar 102067 qualities that make an IT person invaluable to a company?

I think one ofrepparttar 102068 most valuable traits that anyone in any career can foster is simple communication. This is especially true of IT people, as many of us tended to get intorepparttar 102069 field inrepparttar 102070 first place because we are introverts. I don't know about you, but when I started with computers over 23 years ago, I didn't want to talk with anyone. Computers I could understand, but people? That was a different question.

In college I had a professor named Fredrick. He taught a class in assembly language - which was very advanced forrepparttar 102071 school. I excelled in this class and spent a great deal of time talking torepparttar 102072 teacher. When Fredrick started a new consulting company he needed to get someone on board who could program but was also very inexpensive. Because I had been communicating withrepparttar 102073 man during his class, he offered me a job as a programmer in his new company. I stayed there for six years, and byrepparttar 102074 timerepparttar 102075 company was purchased by a British conglomerate I wasrepparttar 102076 Vice President of Development.

As I matured I began to open up to people, and after a few years I found thatrepparttar 102077 more I communicated,repparttar 102078 better my career progressed. Don't get me wrong, communication is not always fun and definitely isn't easy sometimes, but it is absolutely vital to any kind of career movement.

To advance in your career it is necessary to make sure people understand your intentions. More importantly, it is critical that they understand that you understand. You want people (those you supervise as well as your supervisors) to know your capabilities and how those can aid them andrepparttar 102079 company that you all work for.

What you do is talk to your boss regularly. Ensure that he or she fully understands what you can do and what you want to do (thus greasingrepparttar 102080 skids for additional training and promotions). Discuss how your talents can helprepparttar 102081 company achieve it's goals and how you can help your boss achieve those goals. Dorepparttar 102082 same with people who work for you, customers, vendors, and other co-workers.

Use email to your advantage. Email is just another form of communication, and it's best used to ensure that others are onrepparttar 102083 same page as you. For example, it's usually a good idea to send an email after a meeting to those who were in attendance, briefly explaining what was discussed and what you've committed to produce. As you meet those commitments, you can also use email to make it known.

If you are a supervisor, you need to letrepparttar 102084 people who work for you know not only exactly what is expected of them, but also other details such as how they fit intorepparttar 102085 organization, how their efforts contribute torepparttar 102086 bottom line andrepparttar 102087 goals and objectives ofrepparttar 102088 company, department, sub-department and group. This allows your people to be more effective, which in turn allows you to be more effective.

Missed Once, Twice, Thrice Got It!

Written by Susan James

Like many of you, I am one of those Entrepreneur types. Give me Line, and I'll Step Over It. Tell Me I Can't, Just Watch Me! Big Dreams In My Heart Comin' True ? You Betcha !

I missedrepparttar first chance. Why? The *They* People said: Lifes Success Looks *this* way.

One of my many career/livelihoods was owning & franchising my own Fitness Centers, from which I also developed a Unique Approach to weight loss. I loved being who I was when I was doing that.

But, I went back to *work* for Corporate America. Did that for 5 years. Made good money, had great perks, was optimistic and enthusiastic, but not happy. Only then I did not know what happy in my livelihood meant because of whatrepparttar 102066 *they* people said Success is supposed to look like and how you get there.

While I was in corporate America & also being an Entre- preneur, I started my own mail order business. And I started getting checks inrepparttar 102067 mail for something I loved and was good at. Wow, what a Feeling !

Corporate America changed, and I, because ofrepparttar 102068 *they* people conditioning went with another Corporation, more and better big bucks and perks, still not happy. And again forrepparttar 102069 2nd time, I gave up what I loved doing, because ofrepparttar 102070 *time* needed to devote torepparttar 102071 corporate thing, and because *success and financial security* was supposed to*look like this*.

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