Career Advancement with Social Networking Technology

Written by Scott Brown

We hear it over and over again. It's not about what you know, but who you know. If you're like most people, you probably have at least 200 people in your rolodex. Having contacts is one thing. Makingrepparttar most of those relationships is another challenge altogether.

With busy schedules, effectively staying in touch with people and using connections to get doors opened is difficult. Just withinrepparttar 139052 past few months, technology has been developed to meet these challenges and help people makerepparttar 139053 most of their social networks. This technology is appropriately called "social networking software."

Of courserepparttar 139054 most basic technology in this area is having an electronic address book. Microsoft Outlook is basicallyrepparttar 139055 industry standard program to use. After inputting your contacts in Outlook, you can synchronize with a personal digital assistant (likerepparttar 139056 Palm pilot). You can also use Outlook to interface with any ofrepparttar 139057 major social networking applications out there, including all ofrepparttar 139058 ones mentioned in this article.

Keeping in Touch

If you have 300 contacts in your address book but you only keep in touch with 40 of them on a regular basis,repparttar 139059 remaining 260 contacts are in danger of going "stale." Think of what happens when you flip through your card file or rolodex and come across a contact you haven't heard from for a couple years. Unless you knewrepparttar 139060 person well, chances are you'll just throw outrepparttar 139061 card. You may not ever remember how you met them!

A social networking software program called RelationshipSecure was developed to address this specific problem. It provides several features that help you maintain your existing relationships and keep them from getting stale. It provides a verification feature that lets you send out e-mail mailings to your contacts asking them if their information is correct. If it isn't, they can make any changes necessary and your Outlook address book is updated automatically. It also lets you send out other mailings like Birthday and Anniversary e-greeting cards.

Employers Requesting Background Checks

Written by Scott Brown

This week's job searching tip addresses a question from one of our readers about about background checks. While many employers will hire people without them, some companies require background checks on some or all of their potential hires.


Q: If a person receives a job offer, and is told that there is going to be a drug test and background check, what arerepparttar items relevant inrepparttar 139051 background check? At what point can a prospective employer reject a person?

- M.B.

Dear M.B., When it comes to background checks,repparttar 139052 general rule isrepparttar 139053 background check needs to be relevant torepparttar 139054 position you're being hired for. Ifrepparttar 139055 background check being conducted is checking for information that is not very relevant to how well/competentrepparttar 139056 applicant is likely to be inrepparttar 139057 job, it could be challenged - especially ifrepparttar 139058 negative results of such a check would tend to disproportionately affect a protected class of job candidates (e.g. women, minorities, etc.).

Generally, even if you have been convicted of a crime, that fact alone should not disqualify you from a position unlessrepparttar 139059 crime you committed would tend to make you a less qualified applicant forrepparttar 139060 job in question. For example, if someone was convicted for child molestation, they would probably not be a good candidate for a child care position, and an employer would in most cases be fine with using that as a reason not to hirerepparttar 139061 person. Onrepparttar 139062 other hand, if someone was convicted of failing to taxes, it would be more difficult for an employer to use that as a reason not to hire them for that same type of position.

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