Career Advancement Portrayed in Reality TV Shows

Written by Scott Brown

Hollywood has really hit it big with reality TV shows - especially some ofrepparttar more recent reality shows that deal withrepparttar 139114 idea that winning a brief 2-month competition can launch your career intorepparttar 139115 stratosphere. In "The Apprentice," contestents are given a chance to earn a job with a hefty salary working directly forrepparttar 139116 billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump. A similar show, which is even more outrageous, is "The Rebel Billionaire" in which contesents compete forrepparttar 139117 chance to be hired as president ofrepparttar 139118 Virgin corporation - a multi billion dollar holding company which owns an airline, wireless phone service and other diversified interests. These shows appeal directly to an idea that all you have to be is lucky to make it big. They also make it appear that it's relatively easy to become successful inrepparttar 139119 business world.

Inrepparttar 139120 entertainment arena, reality shows like MTV's "Cribs" showrepparttar 139121 extravagent lifestyles of 20-something singers, rap stars and athletes who seemingly become overnight successes just from sheer luck. American culture seems to glorifyrepparttar 139122 idea that you can become super successful without having to work hard. While this is all highly entertaining,repparttar 139123 downside to it is it can give peoplerepparttar 139124 mistaken impression that if you're good looking, photogenic, knowrepparttar 139125 right people, or just lucky, you can be successful. It also leads to people subconsciously comparing themselves with these people on TV, which in most cases is not really a fair comparison. Your life is reality, whereas what's shown in reality TV shows is largely manufacturered and staged by Hollywood. Yes,repparttar 139126 people are real, butrepparttar 139127 situations are created by TV producers for dramatic effect.

Improving Your Resume

Written by Scott Brown

You may have considered going to a resume writer to get your resume revamped. Resume writers are great and most of them produce resumes that are better than whatrepparttar average job seeker can produce on their own. Resume writers are often writing experts and can eliminate presentation problems like grammar, writing style, and spelling errors. A good resume writer will also have copywriting skills, meaning that they know how to present information in a way that's compelling and exciting. However, it's important to keep in mind that not all resume writers know what a potential employer in your particular field is looking for. Especially if your field is highly specialized. If you're going to use a resume writer, consider looking for some of these traits:

- Experience either working in your field or helping a considerable number of people in your field with their resumes - Experience working as a recruiter - Experience working as a manager who made hiring decisions

It would be difficult to find someone who had all three of these traits. Butrepparttar 139098 point here is to be conscious about what advice you're taking from a resume writer. Ifrepparttar 139099 person doesn't have experience as a recruiter or hiring manager, and isn't familiar with what employers look for in your field, it can still be beneficial to use their expertise on grammar, writing style, spelling and copywriting. The most common flaws in resumes are grammatical and spelling errors. Even without using a resume writer, you can userepparttar 139100 Grammar and Spell-check features in Microsoft Word to improve those aspects.

Perhapsrepparttar 139101 most effective source of advice for improving your resume would come from active hiring managers themselves. If you're going on interviews and getting calls from recruiters but you're not getting hired, consider askingrepparttar 139102 manager atrepparttar 139103 end ofrepparttar 139104 interview if he/she would give you an honest assessment of your resume. Many managers pride themselves on being knowledgeable and would be happy to give you some advice. If you getrepparttar 139105 sense inrepparttar 139106 interview thatrepparttar 139107 person is not planning to hire you,repparttar 139108 objective in asking for feedback is to find out why (i.e. if they perceive you're lacking some skills or other qualifications, your presentation atrepparttar 139109 interview, etc.).

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