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Carbohydrates arerepparttar bodies source of fuel which can be loosely compared to a car or lawnmower when they use fuel.

You might wonder why carbohydrates can produce energy and it's because carbohydrates consist of sugars and starch. And when foods consist of a high level of carbohydrates it givesrepparttar 141999 body a rush of energy. For example foods like breads and grains have high levels of carbohydrates and when consumed they give your body carbohydrates that can be converted into energy.

But you might wonder well what happens when we don't use allrepparttar 142000 fuel that these carbohydrates provide for us. Wellrepparttar 142001 body converts it into glycogen which stays stored inrepparttar 142002 liver and muscles to be used for energy. But this is not always a good thing because when your body can't store anymore glycogen inrepparttar 142003 body it turns it into fat.


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Glutamine is a supplement that provides a lot of benefits torepparttar body that includerepparttar 141998 ability of releasing extra growth hormones and helpingrepparttar 141999 body recover quickly.

It can also helprepparttar 142000 body regulate protein synthesis and act as a cell volumizer forrepparttar 142001 body which in return is a benefit to those who are bodybuilders.

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