Carbohydrates – Good Or Bad?

Written by Lee Dobbins

Carbohydrates have gotten a lot of bad press inrepparttar past few years withrepparttar 145673 advent of low carb diets, butrepparttar 145674 truth is that not all carbohydrates are “bad” and, in fact, your body needs carbs to survive.

Many people mistakenly believe that eating bacon, eggs and steak will set them onrepparttar 145675 road to a thinner body with increased energy and good health, but this is notrepparttar 145676 case. While cutting outrepparttar 145677 simple carbohydrates found in processed foods is a healthier way of eating, neglectingrepparttar 145678 complex carbs found in fruits and vegetables can be hazardous to your health.

Fruits and vegetables are packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fiber. All key ingredients to your health. They also contain antioxidants which can help your body fight disease and may even help ward off certain kinds of cancer.

Picking The Best Carbs

The old saying “you are what you eat” has a lot of truth to it. You getrepparttar 145679 energy that your body uses as well as your nutritional needs such as vitamins, minerals and fiber fromrepparttar 145680 foods you eat. Doesn’t it make sense, then to eat foods that will provide your body withrepparttar 145681 best fuel possible?

You want to avoid foods that are processed. I’m sorry to say that most foods that can be found in packaged in your supermarket like cookies, cereals and even white bread are filled with “bad carbs”. These foods are often processed to taste better and allrepparttar 145682 nutrients are stripped out inrepparttar 145683 process. Then chemicals are added in to prolong shelf life and add to color and taste. Your body has no use for these empty calories so when you eat these foods it is a big drain onrepparttar 145684 body to digest them and try to salvage any nutritional value from them.

Attack Fat From All Angles

Written by Leonard Plank

Attack Fat From All Angles

Winningrepparttar war on weight loss

The battle against obesity has to be fought on many fronts, and contrary to what many infomercials and pill makers would like you to believe it does require some effort on your part.

The best weight loss plan is not one that only includes cutting back onrepparttar 145648 foods you eat, going torepparttar 145649 gym regularly, or adding supplements to your diet. Norepparttar 145650 best way to lose weight in a efficient and healthy manor is to do all those things. It doesn’t make sense to spend an hour working out atrepparttar 145651 gym then hit uprepparttar 145652 Burger King drive through onrepparttar 145653 way home. Cutting back on food torepparttar 145654 point of starvation is counter productive, and will result in your body lowering it’s metabolism to compensate forrepparttar 145655 lack of nourishment.

As for diet pills I have yet too find one weight loss supplement that will allow you to sit around and do nothing but eat and still lose weight. This is not to say that these supplements are not an effective means of losing weight… in fact when combined with exercise and a clean diet these supplements can give you that extra boost that could berepparttar 145656 difference between success and failure for a person trying to lose weight. Just don’t look at these pills as anything more than their name implies SUPPLEMENT. Just something intended to help, not a means to an end.

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