Car Rentals for young people

Written by Carl Spanier

Renting a car is a great way to see a new place, but car rental companies are leery of hiring cars to younger people. Many rental firms will simply not provide cars at all for drivers under twenty-five, whilerepparttar price rates of others are simply prohibitive. Unfortunately, there is sound logic underlying this sense of caution displayed by car rental companies, as younger people have been shown time and again to berepparttar 143443 most likely group of drivers to be involved in car accidents – this is also reflected inrepparttar 143444 high insurance rates that are offered to younger drivers. There are however some companies that offer reasonable rental deals to drivers under twenty-one, so if you are lucky enough to get a good rental deal, then pay it forward to your peers – drive your rental car as responsibly as you can to ensurerepparttar 143445 continuation ofrepparttar 143446 great price forrepparttar 143447 next young driver who comes along.

Ensure your safety by always wearing your seatbelt. This is a simple thing to do that can literally save lives. It only takes a second, but can make a huge difference in an accident.

Always keep torepparttar 143448 speed limit. Speed has been repeatedly shown to berepparttar 143449 single greatest cause of road accidents, so stay safe and stick torepparttar 143450 designated speed limit forrepparttar 143451 area you are in. Most places you visit will have signage to indicaterepparttar 143452 speed limit, but err onrepparttar 143453 side of caution if you are unsure. Atrepparttar 143454 very least, you don’t want to have to pay a speeding fine.

Traditional Ceremonies: A Zambian Safari!

Written by Enestle Zimba

Zambia safari has it all ideal tourist destination for that special holiday of your lifetime. And Africa's undiscovered gem! But why? Because ofrepparttar rich cultural heritage,repparttar 143411 spectacular wildlife,repparttar 143412 unforgettable adventure andrepparttar 143413 awesome beauty.

And don't forget Zambia is home torepparttar 143414 mystic and awesome Victoria Falls. And Zambians are well known for being warm and friendly people. Zambia safari is a cultural tourism you'll remember.

Rich Cultural Heritage With a population of only 10 million people in a country of 753,614 sq km Zambia is large country. It's larger than Texas inrepparttar 143415 USA and has one ofrepparttar 143416 lowest populations to land ratio in Africa. The high urbanisation has resulted in massive tracts of uninhabited land acrossrepparttar 143417 country. But, however, many ofrepparttar 143418 rural inhabitants have retained their indigenous and traditional customs and values.

The government recognizes this and has set up institutions to protect and promote Zambian culture. The National Heritage Conservation Commission is one. Government and private museums and cultural villages promoterepparttar 143419 expression of artistic talents.

Over 73 dialects are spoken in Zambia butrepparttar 143420 official language is English and most Zambians speak it fairly well. All media and business is in English. Bemba isrepparttar 143421 next most commonly spoken language, followed by Nyanja. Other large languages are Tonga, Luvale, Lozi. Being a haven of peaceful Zambia has hosted many refuges fromrepparttar 143422 neighbouring countries inrepparttar 143423 past and still do today. It's an epitome of unity in diversity.

Traditional Ceremonies Would you have known it? Zambia has numerous traditional ceremonies. But a word of advice! They generally do not followrepparttar 143424 normal calendar. The weather elements and a bit of "sniffing around" or such related matters bring things to bear onrepparttar 143425 date... if you getrepparttar 143426 drift...

But seriously,repparttar 143427 timing of most traditional ceremonies depend more on natural factors such as rainfall,repparttar 143428 season,repparttar 143429 position ofrepparttar 143430 moon,repparttar 143431 month, etc. If you happen to be around when one of these ceremonies is on don't missrepparttar 143432 opportunity. Just ask your tour operators they'll advise you.

There are more than 21 annual traditional ceremonies cerebrated in Zambia. They generally manifest customs, social life, rituals, oral history, material and spiritual culture. They provide a valuable insight to a traditional culture that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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