Car Rentals

Written by Sandy Baker

Renting a car is a tough thing. Well, it can be. But, it doesn't have to be. To find a great deal, or even just a reliable car, you will want to do a little research. Save some extra cash in that pocket!

We used to believe it was simple to rent a car. All you had to do was get off your plane and head torepparttar lonely car rental place right next door. Not so any more. There is competition everywhere. This is good news to you, though. Competition, even with car rentals, means that you will pay off with deals inrepparttar 137512 long run.

To make this happen, you may have to do your homework. Booking a car rental ahead of time is very wise. In fact, you should not wait untilrepparttar 137513 last minute. Anyone looking for a car rental immediately is more likely to pay higher price then someone who booked their rental a month or even a week in advance. Takerepparttar 137514 time to investigaterepparttar 137515 different car rental companies. Compare what they offer and their prices. Never takerepparttar 137516 first offer either. Get your facts and quotes from several companies first.

How Patent Attorneys deal with Intellectual Property

Written by Paul Johnson

Patent attorneys are professionally licensed attorneys who are allowed to stand before and operate withinrepparttar United States Patent and Trademark Office. Contrasting, Patent Agents are not necessarily lawyers, but are allowed to practice within these same offices. Many agents come from different backgrounds, not necessarily law.

To be clear, a skilled patent attorney or agent doesn't necessarily work on trademark issues. In fact, patents and trademarks are detached unities ofrepparttar 137473 same government branch holding torepparttar 137474 same idea-the protection of an inventor's invention or a business's identity. Patents and trademarks are officially filed for and observed, but do not requirerepparttar 137475 same type (or amount) of work in order to obtain one orrepparttar 137476 other.

When looking to hire a patent attorney or patent agent, you may find one that provides services thatrepparttar 137477 other does not and vice-versa. If you are planning to litigate, or planning to pursue a patent claim in court, then a patent attorney will haverepparttar 137478 credentials necessary to stand in front of a court or law, but perhaps notrepparttar 137479 right to work with patent applications.

However, a patent agent will haverepparttar 137480 technical knowledge and know-how to work with and/or prosecute patent applications, but will not be able to litigate in a court outsiderepparttar 137481 USPTO. This difficult choice is left torepparttar 137482 discretion ofrepparttar 137483 inventor. It most often depends if she or he believes that there is a possibility thatrepparttar 137484 patent will be rejected, which will bring on possible litigation. If this isrepparttar 137485 case, it might be important to hire an experienced patent attorney who has dealt with such cases and will know exactly how to handle such a case in court.

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