Car Art in Many Forms

Written by Rosana Hart

Ever sincerepparttar first car was produced, it's been an art object as well as a practical device. We love to look at all sorts of cars. We care about our own cars and we are very aware of what they say about us and our tastes. A red sports car makes a very different statement from a gray van.

Why do we spend so much time and money keeping uprepparttar 138023 finish of our cars? Again, it's an artistic matter, perhaps a combination of pride of ownership withrepparttar 138024 knowledge that people somehow identify us with what we drive around in.

Car art isn't limited to justrepparttar 138025 cars themselves. There are many forms of art that use cars. Whether or not you consider advertising an art form or a nuisance,repparttar 138026 many ads for cars -- or for other things but using cars in them -- are a significant part ofrepparttar 138027 history of car art.

Another form of car art is movies. Films use cars in them, to furtherrepparttar 138028 plot of course, but also to make statements about whorepparttar 138029 characters are. A lot ofrepparttar 138030 wild rides you can enjoy vicariously in a movie or TV show would not be fun in person! Well, they might be, but they are beyondrepparttar 138031 reach of most people.

The Potent 2006 BMW M6 complimented perfectly by top-notch BMW Replacement Parts

Written by Jenny Mc Lane

The BMW M6 isrepparttar most sophisticated and powerful BMW 6 Series Coupé ever. Underrepparttar 137997 lightweight body of this luxurious 2+2 lurks a thoroughbred super sports car boasting a V10, 507bhp power unit, providing 520Nm of torque. A seven-speed sequential manual gearbox and a superior chassis and suspension compliments its engine.

The all-new M6 features weight-saving technologies such as a carbon-fiber roof and 19-inch forged aluminum wheels that are almost four pounds lighter than regular cast wheels. With almost 500 horsepower available, BMW claimsrepparttar 137998 M6 will hit 60 mph in under 4.6 seconds, and it will run to 20 5mph withoutrepparttar 137999 traditional 155-mph speed limiter.

The suspension, though similar to that ofrepparttar 138000 M5, is specially tuned to take advantage ofrepparttar 138001 M6's shorter wheelbase and lower center of gravity. Massive cross-drilled brakes enablerepparttar 138002 M6 to pull up from 60 mph in less than 118 feet. The new M6 also uses BMW's new third-generation seven speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) with Drivelogic. Drivelogic offersrepparttar 138003 choice of 11 different change patterns, depending onrepparttar 138004 speed of change required.

The new SMG gearbox also offers safety benefits when downshifting on slippery surfaces. If it detectsrepparttar 138005 rear wheels locking up,repparttar 138006 clutch opens for a fraction of a second to ensure traction is maintained. In automatic mode,repparttar 138007 SMG gearbox recognizes thatrepparttar 138008 car is traveling on an incline and holds gears uphill to maintain acceleration and selects lower gears when progressing downhill to makerepparttar 138009 most ofrepparttar 138010 available engine braking.

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