Car Accident Lawyer Legal Advice

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

Car accidents are currentlyrepparttar number one killer of people betweenrepparttar 149279 ages of 1 and 37 inrepparttar 149280 United States. Car accidents, crashes, and collisions cause about 3 million injuries a year, 2 million of which are permanent and crippling injuries per year. 40,000 people die in car accidents every year inrepparttar 149281 United States alone. The Department of Transportation reports that most of these car accident deaths can be avoided. About 40% of car crash fatalities involve drinking alcohol and driving. Many accidents involve some combination of alcohol and speeding. Additionally, seatbelt use is only around 68% despiterepparttar 149282 proven fact that seatbelts protect drivers and passengers and save lives. In more than half of all car accident fatalities,repparttar 149283 deceased were found not to be wearing their seat belts atrepparttar 149284 time ofrepparttar 149285 crash.

Reckless and drunk driving is a serious offense andrepparttar 149286 law treats a car, when it causes injuries, as a dangerous weapon. When victims are injured and killed in drunk driving accidents,repparttar 149287 driver can be chargedrepparttar 149288 same as if he or she had attacked their victims with any other weapon, like a gun. A drunk driver who kills a person can be sent to prison for murder. Such dangerous activities as drunk driving and racing are often treated casually by young people, but they do not understandrepparttar 149289 inherent risks associated with this behavior. Every twelve minutes somebody inrepparttar 149290 country dies in a car accident.

If you or somebody you love has been involved in a car accident, either as a driver or as a victim, it is important to seek legal council. Remember, if you are involved in an accident, never to apologize or accept responsibility without consulting a lawyer. Car crashes are scary, but apologizing onrepparttar 149291 scene can fixrepparttar 149292 blame on you even ifrepparttar 149293 collision is another driver’s fault. A lawyer can help you work outrepparttar 149294 necessary paperwork and protect you from accusations and court proceedings. Insurance companies have lawyers protecting their interests, shouldn’t you?

The Best Performance Brake Kits, Replacement Parts now on sale at Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

Increaserepparttar horsepower of your brakes with Parts Train's BMW Brake Kit. These kits are designed to increase braking performance with larger rotors and calipers with increased clamping force. Maintain consistent performance with a brake kit by ensuring that your pads and rotors are within specifications.

BMW Parts likerepparttar 149129 strut tower brace reinforcesrepparttar 149130 strut shock towers during turning maneuvers. Withoutrepparttar 149131 reinforcement,repparttar 149132 tops ofrepparttar 149133 strut shock towers move very slightly, changing suspension geometry enough to affect howrepparttar 149134 car feels and reacts torepparttar 149135 driver. By reinforcingrepparttar 149136 shock towers to each other, these minute movements ofrepparttar 149137 shock tower are virtually eliminated, leaving you with razor sharp feel.

High quality, easily serviceable rear shock mount are available at Partstrain. A decent sized pothole can send a perfectly good factory rear shock mount to pop out, making it entirely useless needing a replacement. Due to poor design and extensive abuse, stock BMW rear shock mounts often fail withrepparttar 149138 inner metal sleeve separating fromrepparttar 149139 rubber bushing. Usually, this manifests itself as squeaking, rattling, clunking and deflection ofrepparttar 149140 rear shock mount, leading to poor suspension performance and a great deal of annoyance. Have BMW rear shock mounts that withstandrepparttar 149141 rigors of aftermarket suspension, or even badly damaged roads.

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