Capturing Leads Effectively on Free Traffic Exchanges

Written by Michael Lawrence

So you want to use Free Traffic Exchanges to build your business but you are unsure ofrepparttar best way to go about it. I will describe a basic lead capture system that can be used effectively on Free Traffic Exchanges to expand your prospect list and boost your online sales.

There are 3 basic components torepparttar 148848 system that need to be understood. Lead capture pages, autoresponder systems, and ad tracking.

The lead capture page can be hosted anywhere but it needs to have at least one thing on it to be effective... a way to capture a person's email address. Why waste your credits sending user's to your sales page where they only have 15 seconds to decide whether they are interested in your product or service? It is too easy just to let your website rotate torepparttar 148849 next, bam lost prospect.

If you have an incentive laden lead capture web page (by incentive I mean a contest or freebie for providing their email address) with a 2 line form consisting of name and email address you have a simple yet incredibly powerful marketing tool.

In fact what would stop you from advertising 5 or 10 different lead capture pages? Are you starting to see how big this can be?

Ok, so you have a person's email address and name. What now?

Let me explainrepparttar 148850 purspose of an Autoresponder before I do that. An Autoresponder is a script that sends out timed follow up messages to your email list. If you connectrepparttar 148851 form on your lead capture page to your autoresponder you have a virtually unlimited opportunity to advertise to your now "opt in" subscriber. The autoresponder system should have an automated removal mechanism built in so you now truly have an automated marketing tool. Your only job is to write fantastic autoresponder messages and promote your lead capture pages.

Free Traffic Course - Day 5

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

Online statistics shows that about 10% from online visitors make immediate purchase onrepparttar web site. Other 90% of visitors may leave your web site forever, without making any purchase. Do you want to lose 90% of web site visitors that were driven with so many efforts?


Internet marketing has time-proven tool that catches targeted visitors on your web site and transform them into loyal clients. This tool is known as autoresponder.

Autoresponder is very similar to a mailing list. But its aims and functioning differ.

Mailing list is used to sendrepparttar 148668 messages to its subscribers; autoreposnder GATHERS subscribers and then sends them messages.

For example, you got torepparttar 148669 web site about University scholarships, and you are not ready to buy anything from this web site right now. But you see a pop-up window or subscription form saying something like, "Sign up here to get free and fresh updates on new scholarship programs". Hm, you start thinking. If you are a targeted visitor and feel motivated to get a scholarship, you will surely subscribe to free updates about new scholarship programs.

So, you submit your name and email to subscription form ofrepparttar 148670 autoresponder. You get free updates, and web site gets your name and email torepparttar 148671 base of subscribers. Having your name and email, good marketers will find useful products and services to offer you in future. This is when web site is starting to get lifetime customer value from its visitors.

But be careful: do not terrorize your subscribers with useless offers. Otherwise they will unsubscribe from your list, and you will lose them forever.

Would you like to growrepparttar 148672 base of your web site subscribers? Yes! Are these subscribers targeted? Yes! If they did not make a purchase on your web site fromrepparttar 148673 first visit, it does not mean they will not do it in future. You just need to try other approach or other offer. The subscriber is bound to your web site now.

This is onlyrepparttar 148674 general idea about how autoresponders work. Look below to see how they can bring money to your web site.


Using autoresponder you can:

1. Sell your own products and services more effectively.

2. Get more re-orders from your clients - if you sell something which needs ordering from time to time (health products, movie tickets),repparttar 148675 autoresponder will keep in touch with your clients.

3. Generate more upsells - if your products/services have updates and upgrades, autoresponder will help you to motivate clients for buyingrepparttar 148676 update or upgrade.

4. Create cross-sells - you can sell any complimenting products and services that have any relation torepparttar 148677 major offer on your web site. Thus you give a bigger collection of offers, help your joint-venture partners to make more money and get your commission from it. And you have all rights to ask your partners forrepparttar 148678 same favor: sell something on their web site. In any case, you make more money.

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