Capture Their Attention With Your Title!

Written by A.T.Rendon

There are millions of ads online. The Title of your ad will either make you or break you as it isrepparttar single most important element of your ad.

More often than not,repparttar 101091 Title of your ad will either capturerepparttar 101092 attention of your potential customer or get your message deleted or ignored in an instant. So you need to make it good.

Here are 7 simple, yet powerful techniques to get your ads noticed inrepparttar 101093 crowd:

1. Use C l e a r Space in Your Title.

Simply add extra blank spaces in your Title between your words or letters. This will get your ad noticed.

2. Combine CAPITAL Letters with lower CASE. Use all capital letters in every other word or use a capital letter between every other lower case letter. This is especially effective to EMPHASIS a point.

3. Use SECRET Action Words.

Begin your title line with action words like, "STOP!, LOOK!, READ", or key words like, "FREE, SECRET, REPORT". People will take notice when they see words like these. Get a FREE list of Action Words at:

Put Some Punch In Your Classified Ad

Written by Kevin Nunley

Classified ads arerepparttar world's number one cheap way to advertise. They cost just a fraction of a large print ad. And you get your classified ad in everything from an email newsletter to USA Today.

Most classified ads are either hard to understand or not terribly exciting. To get sales, you need people to immediately understand your offer. You also need to build a bit of an emotional fire under them.

Start each sentence with an action word. Get this.., Save now..., Click to...

Make your sentences as short as possible. Incomplete sentences are ok. Two words. Fine. This fills your ad with energy and builds excitement.

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