Captivating Cameos

Written by Sher Matsen

There is something about a cameo that it truly captivating. Be itrepparttar attention to fine detail,repparttar 148470 elegance ofrepparttar 148471 portraits, there is simply nothing quite as beautiful as a cameo, and they never go out of style. Cameos can be made from variety of materials, such as abalone, wood, bone, coral, ivory, agate, glass, plastic, various shell types, and layered hard stone which comes in a variety of colors.

Molded cameos are usually made of glass. They usually consist of either one or two colors. Oftenrepparttar 148472 colors are swirled together. Glass cameos are usually quite shiny. Molded cameos are also molded from plastic. The wedgwood style cameos were made from plastic. Plastic makes a terrific imitation shell cameo. Older cameos were often made with celluloid using two colors. Occasionally, but not very often, natural materials are molded. One way to tell if a cameo is molded is to look for a roundness inrepparttar 148473 detail and a lack of sharp and precise lines. To identify glass cameos look forrepparttar 148474 presence of mold marks and ridges or dimples onrepparttar 148475 back.

Shell cameos are carved from a single piece of shell. Shell is soft, so it is very easy to carve. Shell cameos are usually two colors. Shell cameos have a thin concave back, withrepparttar 148476 exception of abalone and mother of pearl which are usually flat onrepparttar 148477 back and somewhat thicker. Coral Cameos are usually a single color, and also have a flat back.

Agate cameos are carved withrepparttar 148478 same technique that shell cameos are carved. Agate has one main advantage, becauserepparttar 148479 carver is able to seerepparttar 148480 layers of color fromrepparttar 148481 side and knows that these layers will basically be flat. Stone is much harder to carve. A good hard stone cameo is often under carved atrepparttar 148482 junction whererepparttar 148483 portrait meetsrepparttar 148484 flat plaque. At a quick glance stone often looks like an applied cameo, however upon closer examination one can determine it to be stone.

Your Wedding Jewelry

Written by Sher Matsen

So your not one of those fabulous actresses or models who hasrepparttar luxury ofrepparttar 148469 finest gems and diamonds being loaned to them byrepparttar 148470 likes of Harry Wintson. No matter, you can add a little sparkle and look extra-ordinaire in your gown on your wedding day. Here’s some helpful tips on how to shine on your most important day!

Faking It is Fine! It doesn’t matter if you cannot afford to adorn yourself in diamonds and pearls. The quality of Faux diamonds, gems, and pearls is amazing. Gone arerepparttar 148471 days were anyone could tell real from fake. Only your gemologist will know real from fake. You can sparkle like a million dollar babe and you won’t breakrepparttar 148472 bank.

The best way to choose earrings is to try them with your gown. The best styled earring will depend onrepparttar 148473 neckline of your gown,repparttar 148474 type of necklace you are wearing, and how you will be wearing your hair. You want your earrings to be seen but you do not want them to be overpowering. Drop earrings or short dangle earrings work well and pearls or diamonds [real or fake] add elegance and sparkle. If you’re not wearing a necklace you may want to wear more dramatic earrings. If your dress is beaded and sparkly then you’ll want to choose a more subtle earring so as not to detract from your gown..

Diamonds are a girls best friend, Pearls are truly a bride’s best friend. Pearls never go out of style, but this season they aren’t just in style, they are “hot”. Not only are they “hot” they are very versatile. Pearls have been worn by fashionable women for ages. You can choose to spring for cultured pearl or purchase quality imitation pearls for a fraction ofrepparttar 148475 cost.

When buying pearls you will need to choose a strand length that enhancesrepparttar 148476 neckline of your gown. The best size pearls to choose are inrepparttar 148477 5 to 7 mm range. There are many length choices with pearls. A pearl collar is usually made of 3 or more strands and measures 12-13 inches. A pearl collar will hugrepparttar 148478 middle ofrepparttar 148479 neck so it works well with a v necks, plunged necks or offrepparttar 148480 shoulder gowns. A choker measures 14-16 inches and isrepparttar 148481 most versatile length to own. It will work with any gown neckline. The 17-19 inch Princess with either very high or very low necklines. There are longer lengths of pearls available however they are not very suitable for wedding gowns.

If your lucky enough to have a fabulous piece of jewelry that’s a family heirloom, your wedding can berepparttar 148482 perfect time to wear it. Feel free to ask family and friends to borrow a piece of jewelry you adore. They’ll be honored that you asked. It’s also a great way to coverrepparttar 148483 “something borrowed.” Wearing jewelry that’s close to your heart is extra special because of emotional attachments.

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