Captivating An Audience

Written by Miguel Andoor

Learning proper singing technique is of course vital to your success as a performer. However, more important than this isrepparttar sense of your core, and your empathy with others -- in short, your humanity. Without these traits, a performer cannot hold an audience's interest, let alone captivate an audience. How do you develop these traits?

Be a social creature. Mix with people and nature, and realize that you are a member of both groups. When constantly engaged in a dialogue with your fellow humans, you will recognizerepparttar 107997 essence of a great singer; it isrepparttar 107998 same asrepparttar 107999 essence of a great human being.

To develop this recognition, simply meet and greet people with warmth every chance you get. Greeting audience members before or after a performance is a good start. There are opportunities throughout your off-stage life for you to do this, also. Consider that even though you may be in a checkout line in a supermarket, or eating a meal in a Chinese restaurant, you're still on stage and still performing. The personas we unconsciously don when we interact withrepparttar 108000 external world can help us connect with others, or distance us from others. The choice is yours. Decide to connect, and you'll discover resources that penetrate your persona. These resources can only help your singing.

Recognize that you are your first audience, and critic. You may not be your best audience or critic, but you can develop greater objectivity about how you sound. First, identify what it is about your singing that you like. Are there particular songs, or songs by a particular composer that make you value your singing more? Conversely, are there songs you sing that make you cringe atrepparttar 108001 sound of your voice? Write these distinctions down, and find patterns in them to help you discover what exactly it is you like best about your voice.

Takerepparttar 108002 time to record your singing, and listen to it. Many singers can remember their surprise when they first heard their own voice on a recording device. This surprise comes fromrepparttar 108003 change in perspective from singer to listener, and due torepparttar 108004 physics involved in listening to yourself while singing.

A metaphor to illustrate this can be found inrepparttar 108005 sun. The sun is obviouslyrepparttar 108006 primary source of heat for all people onrepparttar 108007 earth. Yet, different parts ofrepparttar 108008 earth experience different amounts of heat. Why? Becauserepparttar 108009 media thatrepparttar 108010 sun's heat is "communicated" through are different for those living nearrepparttar 108011 Equator, for example, and those closer torepparttar 108012 North or South poles. Among other factors,repparttar 108013 ground nearrepparttar 108014 Equator is a more directed and thus effective reflector of this heat thanrepparttar 108015 ground nearrepparttar 108016 Poles. For bothrepparttar 108017 voice andrepparttar 108018 sun's heat,repparttar 108019 source isrepparttar 108020 same, butrepparttar 108021 perception of it differs, based onrepparttar 108022 means of communication.

The key point to gather from this isrepparttar 108023 following:repparttar 108024 perception others have of your singing is an invaluable source of feedback you can apply to improve your singing.

Love all creatures and savor nature. Everyone has their own distinctive key to their inner humanity. The path to discovering what interests and even captivates another is different for each person. That said, there are some things that make everyone respond with warmth. This warmth radiates through us when we perform. Pets, for example, can bring out everyone's friendliness and warmth. A pet -- whether a dog, cat, hamster or goldfish -- can stir feelings of compassion and devotion in you. When we feel these things, they manifest in our body, gestures and expressions. How could such feelings not draw an audience's interest when you manifest them in a performance?

Duringrepparttar 108025 Second World War, when a young man, I had a dog named Jerry. He was my constant companion since I was about six years old. I cherished him as a playmate. I knew he loved me innately, yet I took his love for granted. A short while after being inducted intorepparttar 108026 Air Force, I received a letter from my family. Jerry had stopped eating after I left home, and had died from hunger, pining for me. To this day, every performance I give has a bit of that pain I feel from Jerry's death. Never underestimaterepparttar 108027 power and resonance of love, and how it can affect your performance, no matterrepparttar 108028 source of that love.

The effects that other elements of Mother Nature have on us can also help us engage our audience's interest. For one thing, it's said that being near water is a boon to solving many problems. I can't explain this, but can testify to it a bit. Rememberrepparttar 108029 last time you were atrepparttar 108030 beach? (When your enjoyment of it wasn't hindered by a horde of people.) Do you rememberrepparttar 108031 feelings of calm and release that you felt then? This is nature’s great gift. Remember that our bodies are composed mostly of water. It's as if bodies of water, when experienced in natural, open and peaceful settings, somehow transmit their life-sustaining qualities to us.

Rather than judge, listen. There's a saying that goes, "Happiness is that condition felt upon seeingrepparttar 108032 misfortune of a friend." That's pretty gloomy, yet it holds true when we judge instead of listening. Is it possible to listen when we want to judge? Isn't it just human nature to judge?

Judging means more than gaugingrepparttar 108033 apparent degree of similarity a person has to us. A man may judge that someone else is like him. Yet, he may not like himself. A more focused definition of judging is needed. I believe what we usually refer to as judging in social interactions is actually condemning and finding fault. We seek weakness so we can disregard what others are saying. We do this so another's views ofrepparttar 108034 world won't upturn our apple carts. Our condemnation of others is an indicator of our propensity to condemn ourselves. We must be gentler with ourselves, before we even face other people. How does condemnation help anyone? There's such finality in condemnation.

How effective do you think you'll be as a performer if you look out uponrepparttar 108035 audience and feel only anger or an inclination to find fault? Will it make you any more effective to turn this harsh perspective on yourself? No. Listening isrepparttar 108036 key to replacing such a condemning point of view. Listening helps us raise our consciousness, and that's just another way of saying, "Learning what is objectively true."

A beginners guide to networking

Written by Susan Prince

You will not have worked onrepparttar internet for long before you start to read about networking. To be successful in business it seems you must participate inrepparttar 107996 art of networking if only you knew how or what it meant.


Isrepparttar 107997 proactive marketing of yourself and your business. It is all about communication and getting your name and that of your business known. It isrepparttar 107998 art of meeting people and benefiting fromrepparttar 107999 information and links that you establish. People onrepparttar 108000 net are real people with real everyday problems and lives of their own. To network successful you have to establish and build relationship with other people. You must remember that people are not machines and what you say onrepparttar 108001 internet can make you friends or enemies.

Some ofrepparttar 108002 ways we network are:

Email Place a signature onto your emails.Every time you email someone you are advertising your business. messenger boards/chatslines A great place to get your name known. Web sites Reciprocal linking to other websites will put your name and your business all overrepparttar 108003 net. Forums These are meeting places for like minded people.Offer advice,give out information.You cannot openly advertise but can add a signature once again getting your name known. Articles Start writing some articles.Put your signature atrepparttar 108004 bottom and submit them everywhere and anywhere.

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