Captions that PULL your customers TO you

Written by Mimi AK

Are you tired of so and so? Do you continually waste time and money trying to so and so? Then try our amazing so and so! We guarantee so and so or your money back. Plus if you purchase so and so now we will offer you so and so FREE! “I was continuously wasting my money with products that didn't work for me. But after trying so and so I am amazed by so and so- J.Smith”. Are you MARY SCOTT gettingrepparttar results YOU want? Then become a so and so now and discoverrepparttar 101141 secrets of so and so! You too can earn $9999 a week with this so and so program on so and so!

Any ofrepparttar 101142 above 'so and so' catchphrases sound familiar to you? I have just listed 9 to 10 types of captions that will give your ad that extra uumph for luring your customers TO you! These captions arerepparttar 101143 key to making your ad/product act as a powerful magnet, giving it a strong pulling power that will help your advertising work.

They are captions with the: 1. Problem solving style, 2. Direct Target style, 3. Guarantee offer style, 4. Testimonial style, 5. Free and value-added offer style, 6. Personalised style, 7. Benefits offered style, or, 8. How-To style.

You can userepparttar 101144 problem solving style by adding captions that ask readers questions and then giving them solutions. Ask questions that will generaterepparttar 101145 answers 'YES' from your readers, such as “Are you suffering from backaches?” and “Are you tired of looking for someone who will rub your back for you?” and then tell them how your product will solve these problems. This way, you can easily capturerepparttar 101146 attention of your target market. It acts onrepparttar 101147 frustrations thatrepparttar 101148 reader may be experiencing at that time and proceeds to offer a solution to solve it. This is a powerful approach to capturerepparttar 101149 attention and interest of your prospects.

The direct target style is another effective way getting to your prospects. Captions are specifically designed to target a particular market. When using this style, specifically mention who you are directingrepparttar 101150 ad/product to. For example, if your target market is small businesses, direct your caption like this: “Small Business Owners, learn how to market your business online with step-by-step instructions”.

The guarantees offer style is perhapsrepparttar 101151 most frequently used tool. Placing a guarantee offer, such as “Results in 30 days or your money back guarantee!” with your product makes readers feel more secure knowing that they can always get their investments back. Many readers resist purchasing something because ofrepparttar 101152 risk of losing their money spent on a product that does not work for them. People LOVE guarantees! This is a benefit that is attractive to them.

Speaking of risks, testimonials by your existing customers can be a powerful tool in washing awayrepparttar 101153 doubts that your prospects may have. Testimonials give a shot of credibility to your product and they take away that hesitation in dealing with an unknown business. Testimonials are more compelling when coming from celebrities, well-known people, and people admired by your prospects.

Ban the Banners

Written by Michael T. Smith

New webmasters often holdrepparttar mistaken belief, thatrepparttar 101140 more banner ads they have on their site,repparttar 101141 more money they will make. They blanket their sites with them, hoping, thatrepparttar 101142 more banners people see,repparttar 101143 betterrepparttar 101144 chance, that someone will actually click on them.

What they don't understand, however, is that they are actually driving traffic away, by making their sites unattractive and slow. The banner ads that were supposed generate income drive away potential customers.

Do you like banner ads? Now, ask yourselfrepparttar 101145 question: "Why do you think, that others would feel different than you do?"

While large ads may be successful in magazines, newspapers and telephone books, what person would wants them to consume his or her bandwidth onrepparttar 101146 web? Isn'trepparttar 101147 Internet already slow enough?

Why do you think that one ofrepparttar 101148 most popular sections on our website isrepparttar 101149 one that covers programs to eliminate banners and pop-up windows? Many people are sick of obnoxious, in-you-face advertising. They are fed up withrepparttar 101150 useless clutter of ads filling most websites.

No long ago, we removed allrepparttar 101151 banner ads at our site, leaving only text links. The results were that we saw dramatic increase in both traffic and revenue. Removingrepparttar 101152 banners increased both our popularity and our profits. Amazingly enough, not one person wrote back to us and complained aboutrepparttar 101153 banners being removed.

Now you may be asking yourself, "Why do advertisers use banner ads, if they are so unpopular withrepparttar 101154 public?"

The answer is simple: Name Recognition!

The truth ofrepparttar 101155 matter is advertisers don't really care if people buy from your site as long as at some point in time, people rememberrepparttar 101156 product or service and buy it.

Think about it. You annoy your visitors with dozens of ads about some dot-com, causing them to flee your site. Later on,repparttar 101157 same visitors remember those ads and go torepparttar 101158 site directly. The company makes a sale, and they don't even have to payrepparttar 101159 person, who advertised it.

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