Canine Allergies - Does your dog have an Allergy?

Written by Matthew Seigneur

Canine Allergies - Does your dog have an Allergy? Did you know that your dog can have allergies, just like you?

The most common dog allergy is itching ofrepparttar skin. Their respiratory tract can also be affected causing them to wheeze, sneeze, and/or cough. You may even notice a discharge from their eyes and nose. In some cases,repparttar 125776 digestive system can be affected which will cause them to vomit or have diarrhea.

Inrepparttar 125777 United States around 20 percent ofrepparttar 125778 dogs suffer from some type of allergy. Some ofrepparttar 125779 allergies might be allergic to fleas, atopic dermatitis, allergies to food, allergies to some thing inrepparttar 125780 air, allergies to some thing they come in contact with or a bacterial allergy.

Atopic Dermatitis

This canine allergy is caused byrepparttar 125781 dog’s immune system hypersensitivity to common substance around them, such as dust mites or mold. Atopic Dermatitis is an allergic skin disease that usually appears withinrepparttar 125782 first two years of a dog’s life.

Watch your dog for grooming excessively, by licking or chewing his back legs, paws, and abdomen, these are signs that he may suffer from atopic dermatitis. Another way to check is to see if his ears are reddened and hot torepparttar 125783 touch.

There are signs that are not as noticeable like inrepparttar 125784 armpits, groin, and betweenrepparttar 125785 toes of his paws. Saliva staining is another sign of atopic dermatitis. It appears as a reddish brown stain. Ifrepparttar 125786 case becomes severe,repparttar 125787 skin may change color, especiallyrepparttar 125788 abdomen, from a pink to a dark red to a very dark black.

It can be difficult to diagnose because flea allergy, food allergy and parasitic infections have some ofrepparttar 125789 same signs. After you have ruled outrepparttar 125790 three above allergies from you list you may then need to have your dogs skin tested for allergies such as dust mites, pollens, and mold. After your vet has determinedrepparttar 125791 cause ofrepparttar 125792 atopic dermatitis he can recommend treatment. Flea Allergy

Norepparttar 125793 flea is notrepparttar 125794 real allergy here, it isrepparttar 125795 fleas saliva. Your vet can perform a skin allergy test to determine if your dog is allergic to flea saliva. If he is then a regular strict flea control regimen is required to reduce your dog’s symptoms. But, be sure to userepparttar 125796 chemicals with caution, as some can harm your dog. Inhalant Allergy (allergies to some thing inrepparttar 125797 air)

Dog Mental Health

Written by Matthew Seigneur

Your dog’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is your main goal. Keeping your dog healthy also includes his mental well being. We will be talking about a few ofrepparttar mental problems that your dog can have and ways to help your dog with his mental health.

Do dogs get depressed?

Of course, dogs get depressed. They go through bouts of depression and you will notice your dog moping about and not wanting to play, only drinking small amounts of water, and you may even notice them losing a lot of weight. You want your dog’s mental health to be good, but how can you tell what is causing this depression?

After you have ruled out a physical aliment by taking your dog torepparttar 125775 vet; now you can look around and see what may be causing this change in your dog’s attitude and help get your dog’s mental health back on track.

Grief can cause depression in dogs just as it can inrepparttar 125776 human race. Has your dog lost a playmate recently? Maybe a dog downrepparttar 125777 street has moved away. Or mayberepparttar 125778 child in your family has gone off to college. Your dog longs for that companionship and now it is gone. If you have moved or have left your dog inrepparttar 125779 care of others while you were on vacation this can also berepparttar 125780 root of your dog’s depression. Start helping your dog enjoy life again. Give him extra attention and love. If he has lost his doggy playmate, take him torepparttar 125781 park or torepparttar 125782 doggie daycare so he can play with other dogs and maybe make a new friend that will help him over this depression. This may just pull him out of his depression.

Depression untreated can lead to more serious physical problems that you are sure to want to avoid. If you can not seem to bringrepparttar 125783 zing back into your dog’s life you may want to ask your vet for some anti-depression medicine.

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