Candlelight Wedding Chapel: A romantic place

Written by Randy Wilson

Candlelight Wedding Chapel is a well-known las Vegas entity that has been featured in a country music video by Diamond Rio. Howie Mandel married here, and John Tesh renewed vows with his wife. This las Vegas wedding chapel has a lot to offer clients from aroundrepparttar world and enjoys a brisk business nearrepparttar 142919 financial district. Close to business and entertainment, this longtime chapel hasrepparttar 142920 experience and credentials to provide you and your beloved with a memorable and enjoyable visit. You don’t have to wonder whether they can carry it off orrepparttar 142921 day will be ruined. Put your wedding intorepparttar 142922 staff’s capable hands and then relax.

Set on a lovely, well-kept piece of land,repparttar 142923 Candlelight Chapel attracts visitors and prospective couples who are considering marriage due to its well-known reputation andrepparttar 142924 natural features that make this chapel popular to locals and visitors alike.

When you purchase an affordable wedding package, you can bring along family, friends, and other guests to take part in your exchange of vows. Prices range from $199 to $499 and include a bevy of services. The lowest fee coversrepparttar 142925 chapel rental, marriage certificate holder, CD music, several photos, and carnation flowers. The $299 package upgrades flowers to roses and adds more photos. You also can get a video ofrepparttar 142926 ceremony. For $399 you get a rose cascade arrangement, a professional organist, and a candle-lighting ceremony. The $499 price adds a unity candle, wedding garter, and a leather-bound wedding album.

Wee Kirk O’ the Heather Chapel in Las Vegas

Written by Randy Wilson

Wee Kirk O’repparttar Heather is a las Vegas chapel that opened in 1940 and if notrepparttar 142606 earliest las Vegas wedding chapel onrepparttar 142607 Strip, it is one ofrepparttar 142608 first. With a capacity for 26 guests, this location will not accommodate a huge wedding party. But it makes up in cozy intimacy what it lacks in grandiose pretension. The warm glow of soft lighting will make you feel right at home with your minister,repparttar 142609 witness, and your beloved.

Services for this wedding chapel in las Vegas come in three packages to meet all client budgets and needs. All packages coverrepparttar 142610 cost of a wedding coordinator,repparttar 142611 chapel fee, and a CD ofrepparttar 142612 traditional wedding march. You may wish to comparerepparttar 142613 attractive theme of this site with those of other las Vegas wedding chapels.

The Lavender package costs $189 and includes a rose “keep forever” presentation bouquet. Of 24 professional photographs,repparttar 142614 couples receive 4-4x6 and 1-5x7 to keep, along with a wedding scroll and a free gift. You don’t have many details to worry about with this package, and it may be considered one ofrepparttar 142615 budget deals among las Vegas chapels.

You can opt forrepparttar 142616 Lilac plan at $289. This upgrade provides more photos, a larger keepsake floral arrangement (six roses instead of three), and 15 minutes inrepparttar 142617 dressing room, along withrepparttar 142618 aforementioned scroll and music.

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