Canada Standing Still on a Downhill Slide

Written by Glenn Brigaldino

KVB: Whoever Wins, We Lose

Written by Gary Whittaker

Whilerepparttar rest ofrepparttar 125944 world watches, Americans will be voting on November 2 to either re-elect George Bush, or John Kerry. You can be sure that as citizens ofrepparttar 125945 earth, we all have a vested interest inrepparttar 125946 outcome of this election. The most powerful nation inrepparttar 125947 history ofrepparttar 125948 planet is at war with terror, and terrorist organizations. This war started in New York City, onrepparttar 125949 infamous date of September 11th, and has now gone from Afghanistan to Iraq. Iran and her peoples are especially concerned, as they are most likelyrepparttar 125950 next targets ofrepparttar 125951 Bush administration. Slogans like "Vote or Die" are being shouted across that nation. The nation is almost equally divided, as history threatens to repeat itself afterrepparttar 125952 Bush-Gore controversy in Florida. Kerry has vowed not to let that happen again, but how could he possible prevent that from happening? And if he does becoming elected, will America, much lessrepparttar 125953 World, actually become a safer place?

The main thing about Bush is, you know what you get. He is a puppet on a string. A sock with a face painted on. A nothing. A nobody. His handlers and party leaders tell him what to say, whilerepparttar 125954 corporations that have bidrepparttar 125955 highest get to dictate foreign and domestic policy. But you know that, or at least you know whatrepparttar 125956 outcome will be as a result of his re-election. The Americans will continue to wage war. The gap betweenrepparttar 125957 haves, andrepparttar 125958 have-nots will widen. Jobs will be shipped to other countries. Nothing new. The same asrepparttar 125959 last 4 years. Ifrepparttar 125960 Americans didn't complain enough then, there is no reason to believe they will complain much louder atrepparttar 125961 end of another 4 years. The flip side to this is control. George Bush will maintain control ofrepparttar 125962 people. Money is power forrepparttar 125963 republicans, not opinion. There is no money is losing control over your country. Should people start takingrepparttar 125964 law into their own hands, they will be punished quickly, and severely. Bush would stop anarchy from spreading.

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