Can you really be successful online working at home?

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

There's no doubt that millions of people want to work at home, and that a substantial percentage of them are looking torepparttar Internet to provide them withrepparttar 117814 means to do so. The question is, canrepparttar 117815 Internet deliver what these people need to make working at home a viable alternative torepparttar 117816 traditional world of work?

The answer is YES -- but only if certain crucial conditions are met.

1) Sell Value

The problem with many people wanting to establish a home-based business is that they're not selling anything people really need to buy. Too often they're selling overpriced products or services provided by third-parties who themselves profit by signing up new independent contractors. This is not a viable success formula.

To prosper in business, online or off, you must offer your prospects REAL VALUE; that is, you must offer them something that will improve their lives, something which is superior to what they can find locally, and which you can deliver at a competitive cost. If what you're selling doesn't meet these basic criteria, you are courting failure.

2) Have The Necessary Business-Development and Prospect Contact Tools

Value is essential but value alone cannot build a successful online business. You must have certain critical tools, including

* a domain. The only people who are succeeding online are those with their own domains. Without a domain you are essentially a squatter on someone else's cyber "land" and are atrepparttar 117817 mercy of their business. If they go out of business, you automatically go out of business -- like it or not! Sadly, large numbers of people have discovered this too late!

* a listserver. A listserver enables you to send unlimited non-spam e-mail. If you cannot do this, you cannot initiate and controlrepparttar 117818 necessary marketing to your prospects.

* a Sales Manager. You need automated, personalized prospect lead follow-up. The Sales Manager provides it.

* professional design. Web design is far too sophisticated nowadays to leave to inexperienced and amateur hands.

Changing Careers... to obtain the Telecommuting Lifestyle

Written by Edward B. Toupin

At one time or another, every employee wonders what it would be like to work in a telecommuting situation. But, they look at their current job and wonder how they could ever do it from home. Well, that concern is quite correct as some jobs cannot be done from home. However, one possible solution is to change careers into something that compliments a telecommuting situation.

I've heard it said that changing careers is one ofrepparttar more stressful situations that a person can experience. This is especially true if you've been in a position for many years. There is a way, however, to ease into a career change without inducing any ofrepparttar 117813 stress that usually accompaniesrepparttar 117814 transition.

--- Baby Steps ---

Let's assume that you're an executive secretary with dreams of working from home. However, your current position is not practical outside ofrepparttar 117815 office. You start thinking of other jobs that you could do, but realize that no one will hire you immediately because you lackrepparttar 117816 experience to take on such a position full-time. Instead of pursuingrepparttar 117817 situation, you simply give up your dreams and acceptrepparttar 117818 fact that you are stuck in your current position until retirement.

Realize that you can still move forward with your dream of working at home, just not all at once. You have to take it a little at a time to gain experience and prove your abilities before you takerepparttar 117819 leap into a new career. Your first step is to determine what you would like to do, that would lend itself to telecommuting, and still pay handsomely.

Let's think, you're an executive secretary so your immediate skills are telephone, organization, scheduling, data entry, research, and various word-processing and spreadsheet applications. Consider these various individual skills and put them together in different ways to see what type of jobs you can handle. One way to do this is to visit some ofrepparttar 117820 more popular job sites like ( and ( and type in your prominent skills to see what types of jobs appear. You might be surprised at what you can do!

>From a quick search forrepparttar 117821 executive secretary, I found that similar skills are required forrepparttar 117822 following types of jobs:

- Internet Sourcing - Transcription - Customer Support - Data Entry - Off-site Executive Administrative Assistant - Web Developer

As you will find, there are many things that you can do, however, you don't want to jump in and just do them. For now, use these career ideas to prepare yourself.

--- Setting up forrepparttar 117823 Change ---

Once you figure out what you want to do, go back to ( and ( and search for various jobs that would fit your requirements and skills. Don't apply to any of them yet, just search for jobs that fit your desired direction. Once you find about a dozen or so different opportunities, examine them to make sure that this is something you want to do.

Don't worry about salary as of yet since this opportunity is something you will do "onrepparttar 117824 side" until you get enough experience to do it full-time. Remember,repparttar 117825 objective here is to find something that you can do to help fine-tune your skills for your new career. Don't despair and don't get over-anxious as this career-preparing stage is only temporary.

--- The Resume ---

Here isrepparttar 117826 tricky part. You need to rework your resume to emphasize your skills and strengths forrepparttar 117827 positions you want to pursue. Your first thought is to list your skills and minimize your work history---the functional resume. This won't work asrepparttar 117828 employer will assume that you're trying to hide something. You also don't want to list your work experience first because you won't getrepparttar 117829 job since your work history will not reflect anything applicable forrepparttar 117830 new career.

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