Can bamboo flooring really help save the worlds’ environment?

Written by S.A. Smith

Probably not on its own, but its an excellent example of how consumers can vote with their buying dollars to sway market demand to bring more environmentally friendly products intorepparttar marketplace.

Bamboo flooring is a rising trend in home flooring and a great alternative to traditional hardwood floors. It isrepparttar 110094 most environmentally friendly natural hardwood flooring alternative you can select for your home, it is a renewable resource, is stronger than steel, and has a greater resistance to expansion and contraction problems associated with temperature and humidity changes.

The bamboo grass is one ofrepparttar 110095 fasted growing plants onrepparttar 110096 planet, only takes 5 years to grow to maturity, and can provide 25 timesrepparttar 110097 bio mass of a comparable stand of trees. Bamboo is harvested every 5 years, and starts to re-grow immediately with new shoots when harvested. Bamboo is also strong and has a tensile strength exceeding mild steel. It can withstand up to 50,000 pounds of pressure per square inch versus some steels 50,000 psi ratings.

Bamboo flooring is also become a very trendy interior design statement with its rich and beautiful golden earth tones. It is important to shop around for a quality bamboo flooring product that contains no formaldehydes in its binding compounds. Many offshore brands use cheaper binding agents that may contain formaldehydes, and this can cause indoor air pollution problems downrepparttar 110098 road as all chemical compounds will slowly release their toxins intorepparttar 110099 air.

A healthy home

Written by Ingela Berger

Your home is your castle. You decide, possibly together with family members, what to make of it. Outside our home we have limited opportunities to improve repparttar environment, but in our home we can do a lot.

At home we want to feel free, relax and do things that we like. We want to eat, sleep, exercise, maybe work, and socialize with friends and family. We spend many hours at home. Naturally, we want our home to be as comfortable and healthy as possible.

What surroundings make you happy? What things do you like to have around you? Feeling good at home is a matter of physical as well as mental and social well-being. Look around you and think about what changes can be made in your home environment. Start with something small, one step at a time. Make a small change every day, and after a weekrepparttar 110093 difference will be considerable.

Your home - a place for personal growth and well-being Your home should be a refuge where you can hide fromrepparttar 110094 rest ofrepparttar 110095 world and find strength to go on with life. Why not follow these ten steps:

1. Put away things that you don’t need. Too many things disturbrepparttar 110096 eye and make it hard to relax. Only surround

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